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LARRY:  How come you can’t control it in church? That’s because it’s, “cause it’s learned behavior, it’s it’s… but authentic weirdness you’re weirded at Walmart… you’re in the middle of the line you’re going “Bwhoaaaa, give me that!” You know, I mean, that, to me that’s like… and authentically weird people you know how you can tell them? They think they’re normal and everybody else is weird.




LARRY:  But weird people are precursors to brilliance. Einstein was weird! You read about him. He was weird, but he was brilliant as well. And he was accused of being out of his mind. And he was just out of their mind. So I want to… I want to warn you and I want to encourage you. I want to warn you that the greatest thing you can do is posture yourself. There’s nothing, no word greater right now than the word “posture.” And “posture” means you obey what God tells you to do. The safest place to be is in the will of God. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. Noah didn’t understand “Ark.” Have you listened to Bill Cosby’s thing? You know, uh, what, anyway. Noah, when God says build an ark God might as well have been speaking in tongues. It never rained before? I mean, it never rained before? And there… he’d didn’t know, he’d never seen a boat and God says build a boat and it’s going to rain. God said “Hey, Noah” (Larry does tongues). He said something to his wife. God told me to (Larry does tongues). She goes what is (Larry does tongues).




LARRY:  He goes I don’t know but I got to, I got to do it. And everybody’s laughing. They go what’s he doing? He goes I’m (Larry tongues). But when the rain comes and they’re going… (Larry imitates choking) and they’re drowning outside, they’re going (Larry does tongues).




LARRY:  Oh yeah, you know, can I get in? Knocking on the door! Hey listen, reality always sounds weird at first appearance because you’ve never seen it before. New stuff always looks weird! You know that. The first time you bought that dress or pair of pants or got that haircut, you go “that’s stupid” until about three months later you think you’re cool. Because change is frightening to humans. We’re creatures of comfort and habit. We don’t want to change. Listen, I know what you’re thinking. Someone said to me, “Well God, I’m not changing, I’m like God, God says God never changes.” I said, “He don’t but you sure should!”



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