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SID: Can you take a scripture and give me an example of…..say?

JUSTIN: Absolutely. So one of the easiest ones, because it is a prayer, is what we would call The Lord’s Prayer or The Disciple’s Prayer out of The Sermon on the Mount. Jesus teaches us, when you pray, pray our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done. Well, she would say, take that prayer phrase by phrase and spend as much time with each word as you need to. So, whenever you pray our Father, you had parked there and say, “God, you’re such a wonderful father. You’re teaching me how to be a son. You’re teaching me how to be a daughter. Thank you for loving me like a Father.” Then you would move on. Hallowed be your name. God, your name is wonderful and glorious. Your name is above every name. And the purpose is allowing your spirit to fully engage with the revelation of the word of God.

And she would teach that however far you got before the presence of God became so overwhelming that your focus was more on his presence than what you were reading, then you stop there and you allow the presence of God to be the sole focus of your affections and your love and you just allow the presence of God to be your all in all in that moment. She would say that the goal of Bible reading is in the quality rather than the quantity read. The purpose is to get the revelation of the word of God rather than to accomplish reading a certain amount of scripture.
SID: Look into that camera and to tell our audience, what the word of God really is to you. The Bible, the thing that sometimes she’ll dust off and open up because you’re desperate, but that’s not what it is to you is it?

JUSTIN: Yes. The word of God is bread. It is food. The word of God is that living water. It’s the very life from the heart of God that he’s provided for us, that we can touch and taste of God himself, his very nature through the revelation of his word. It’s one of the most glorious gifts that he’s ever given to man because at any time you or I can open our Bibles and have a face-to-face meeting with the creator of heaven and earth, the God of the universe. That’s what the word of God is to me.

SID: What would you say to someone that is watching us right now and they say, “You don’t understand. I have a stressful life. I get home. I want to not open my Bible and just zero out.” What would you say to them?

JUSTIN: I would say that we don’t even realize often how much we need the life of the spirit and the life-giving power of the word of God. Many times the exhaustion that we experience at the end of the day is predicated by our desperate hunger for the word of God and the presence of God. And so if we don’t have a desire to get ahold of God and to go after his presence and to dig into the word, I think the best place to start is to say, God, make me hungry. Stir hunger in my heart. Help me to hunger and thirst like the deer panting after the water brook. A prayer for hunger is a prayer that God will always answer.

SID: Everything you’ve been saying is really neat to us that I didn’t even get to the teases, what happened when you went to heaven? We’ll be right back.

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