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JAMIE: And it just completely wrecked me! It transformed my heart!

ART:     That’s awesome! Now I think you and I would agree that encounters are supposed to be a normal part of the Christian life but what do you say to the Christian who’s like well I’ve never had one of these encounters. Am I even saved you know? Like where do I fit in this picture?

JAMIE: Yeah. It’s everyone has an opportunity to encounter God. The loving-kindness of God! 

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: And I feel every one of us, can make decisions that celebrate that.

ART: Uh-huh!

JAMIE: Or actually put that to the side. You know and if we begin to celebrate it – and that looks like hunger.

ART: Uh-huh!

JAMIE: That looks like I’m wanting this. I want a connection. I think of it like a 5-bar connection!

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: Right?

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: So when you have 5 bars on our phone, right? I paid for a 5- bar connection.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: I’m sure you do right?

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: And we travel. We want it – we want international connection. We want you know – and yet why does that only get one bar when I paid for 5? Why is it the believer is getting a 1-bar connection when Jesus paid for all 5? They have the ability to connect and have full range! Right? The full spectrum?   

ART: That’s good!

JAMIE: God speaking to us. Visitations. Encounters. Dreams. Visions. Right?

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: Love baptisms. Intimacy. Right? And then to be a voice. To prophesy. To share with others the secrets that God is sharing with you! Why can’t we turn on these other 4 bars? And I think that’s something that we begin to step into when we celebrate!

ART: Yeah! So like how do you even do that? Where do you start?

JAMIE: Yeah. It’s one: people need to get over what they’ve not experienced and not let their lack of experience become their bar.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: Right? Some people don’t experience something and they almost wear it like a badge!

ART: Yeah right!

JAMIE: Right. Well, I’m not the one that gets healed. You’ll hear them say that.

ART: Yeah. Yeah.

JAMIE: I’m the one that everybody prays for and doesn’t get healed.

ART: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: And that’s not a badge.

ART: Right.

JAMIE: There’s nothing to be proud about.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: Right? Now that’s a sad story and I’ve heard that said before. I’m like well today’s your day!

ART: Yeah. [laughing]

JAMIE: We’re going to step into a miracle right now!

ART: Uh-huh!

JAMIE: I believe God wants to touch you! And so people need to get over what it is that they’re not encountering and begin to trust God that He’s bigger!

ART: Right.

JAMIE: He’s bigger than my lack of encounter! And then the other side – I mean so many people they experience something and they let that be their bar.

ART: Yeah.

JAMIE: Right? And I’m saying there’s more!

ART: Yeah!

JAMIE: There’s more! Celebrate it! Ask God for the more! Let Him touch you and it’ll change everything!

ART: That’s awesome! I think one of the things I want to do with you in a little bit here is I want to start talking about the specifics of how do we enter into these – you know how do you have a vision? How do you – what does that even look like? How do you recognize it when it’s happening is maybe another way to put it? But right now what would you say to the person who is just like really, really hungry right now and they’re like I don’t even want to wait until it’s over. Like how do I encounter God right here right now? 

JAMIE: Art, I would say to them don’t give up! Press in! And just put your hands out and celebrate the goodness of God! Just simply receive! So many are in the posture of I press in, press in, press in. But when I press in, it’s an opposite. I press in not by striving but by receiving!

ART: Yeah. We’re going to take a little break here and as we do it I want you to just try that out! [music begins] Just take a minute. So set back, rest in God’s presence and receive and celebrate the goodness of God! [music ends]

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