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jonathan maracle

Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him in Ontario, Canada.  He is what is known as a First Nation’s Man his name is Jonathan Maracle. And for those that are not familiar with that terminology what does that mean Jonathan?

Jonathan: Well First Nations is the title given to the host people of the land. In Canada that’s what the official name is of our people because we were the first people of the land. And so it’s kind of a term that brings respect back to the First Nations or to aboriginal people to this land because for a long time we weren’t even considered human beings we were subspecies and so when they referred to us as First Nations there was an element of respect there of restoration and integrity.

Sid: Well let’s go back on yesterday’s broadcast you were making in the secular realm as a recording artist. Had a song actually that was on the TV series Highway to Heaven, your father was a minster and he never stopped praying for you as you went down, down, down into drugs and in the secular activities you were involved in. And one day you cried out to God and it just seemed like immediately after not having heard from your father for several years you got a phone call.  And so you went out to visit him what happened next?

Jonathan: Well I got out there to visit him and I stayed with my mom and dad for almost a week and during that time there was a lot of church activity that they were involved in. They took me several times to church meetings with a leading evangelist and I really didn’t want to be there at that time.  I was still getting over you know my issues and I didn’t want anything to do with it. So I kind of had a little bit of a upheaval with them and said “Look I came to be with you guys not to go to church.”  And so they understood and they backed right off and they didn’t try to force me go anymore. But on Sunday Sunday had come up and it had been like several days and we had just had good relationship, son to parents together. On Sunday they were leaving for church on Sunday morning and and they asked me “Would you like to come with us you’re welcome to you can stay home whatever you want to do.”  They didn’t put any pressure on me and without the pressure I had a choice and I opted to honor them and go with them. So we went and you know I was a very loner kind of a person and I don’t know where mom and dad were whether they had already gone in or whether they were behind me probably had already gone in. But I stepped inside of the door of the church and this little lady she was probably 75 years old I don’t even know who she was she could have been an angel by the way I feel. But I stepped inside the door and she walked over to me and she actually put her arms around me and said “Son I love you.”  And I looked at her and I said “You love me?” Because I mean I looked like a Rock and Roller, I had long hair and I was kind of rough around the edges and I said “You love me?”  And she said “Yes, I love you with the love of Jesus.” And at that moment the only way that I can really truly describe how I felt I felt as though as someone had a warm bucket of oil and they just poured over the top of my head and it went down and it covered my entire body and the warmth came all over me. I didn’t know what it was I just knew that something was happening. So I went inside the church and sat down and preacher preached it was like nobody else was there I was alone listening and from there things just began to happen.  God kept wooing me and I had got interested in the word and got interested in what God was saying and doing in my life and its just been from glory to glory since then.

Sid: Now your dad actually commissioned you in there was a song when you were commissioned, tell me about this song.

Jonathan: Well my dad died February 8, 1999 and just before that sometime in mid-January my dad called me up to his house just because he wanted to share with me and I didn’t really know he just called me up and every once in a while we would get together in the morning and pray together and he would share the word with me because he was a wealth in the word, just loved the word and loved what it meant to him and loved Jesus. And he I would come in and he would always sat in his chair in the corner and he had on his bathrobe and he was always up like before 4:00 and 6:00 every morning and in prayer. And so I came up and I sat down with him it was probably 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning and when I came in he was crying and he was sitting on the edge of his chair and had his finger on his Bible and he had his glasses on and he was reading.  And he just began to tell me he said “Son you’ve got to tell the world about Khenoronkhwa. I said “What do you mean dad?” He said “You know Son that Khenoronkhwa means love but it means medicine.” And he said “And you’ve got to tell them this that Jesus is the medicine that’s going to heal the world.” And he said “You’ve got to carry this message.” And the thing was that my dad as a Native Man grew up in very very hard situation.  His language was taken away from him as a boy but he still he spoke fluently but they tried to take it away in the 3rd grade. They would spank him put him in the corner with a dunce cap on if he spoke his language because they said that it was an evil language and that it was a pagan evil language. And so you know my dad had great reason to be angry because of the way he was treated but instead he said “Jonathan,” he said “The white people just don’t understand he says I’ve tried to tell them all of my life that they’ve got to change that they’ve got to understand that they’ve got to care about us as a people.” And he said “And the Bible says that ‘They shall know the truth and the truth that will set them free.’” He said “You have to continue to carry this truth this message whether they like to hear it or not you’ve got to tell them that the generational curses that are upon them have to be broken.”

Sid: We’re going to find out more about the breaking of the curses, but I’m going to tell you I don’t understand a word that’s being sung in the Mohawk language but there is something that gets me praying. In fact we used your music for our International Intercessory Prayer Conference and everyone just really got into the Spirit.  This is the song that came out with the Commission that God gave you of tell the world they need to love, they need to know love Himself which is Jesus.

Jonathan Maracle worship excerpt: Khenoronkhwa

Sid: That was a selection from Rise Up Mighty Warrior.  Jonathan you were telling me about amazing thing that happened in communist China when you were there.

Jonathan: Yeah Sid you were telling me about how you would listen to our music and it touched the spirit of the your intercessory times with your people. And it made me think of when I was in communist China and we were sitting there with Elders all in the back of this one auditorium that we were in as we were singing and they sent their interpreter up to ask me “Why when you sing do we feel it hear?” And he put his hand over his heart and I said “Go tell them it’s because I sing from the One that I…that I sing because God is the reason that I sing.” And so they went back and he told them and they sent him back up and said “Well why do you want to serve a God?” And I said “Well, because He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for me and that’s the reason.”  From that point on I had Chinese people coming to me and asking me in parking lots and different places…

Sid: Listen there is an anointing on this music to set people free of everything.

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Our Guest Reinhard Bonnke

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Reinhard Bonnke

Sid: Talk about being red hot for the Messiah I have hear a headline from a Nigerian newspaper, The Post Express. It says “Bonnke raises man from death in Onitsha,” now this is in Nigeria. We are going to be talking about this this week because this is without a doubt one of the finest most documented, longest time that someone has been dead and came back to life of any that I’ve ever heard of before. The most authentic, the most medically verified. But Reinhard I would have to believe that is not the most exciting thing, the most exciting thing you said to me before we started, and I’m speaking to Reinhard Bonnke at his home in Orlando, Florida right now. You told me that 9.12 million people in a recent 5 month period have made written decisions for Jesus. In your wildest imagination did you ever think that would be possible?

Reinhard: Yeah, well Sid I rejoice it is actually mind boggling to see this ocean of humanity in front of me. You know a million people we have a peak attendance of 1,600,000 in a single service.

Sid: How can they hear you? How could a speaker system be large enough? That’s bigger than most cities.

Reinhard: I tell you we have a speaker system you can a pin drop hear miles away it is absolutely fantastic. It’s a Maya system it’s the best PA system, amplifying system in the world and that’s what we have believed and we make use of it. The people can’t see me I can’t see the people but they hear me very very well and respond tremendously.

Sid: I have a picture here in front of me of one of these large campaigns. I mean it’s such a sea of humanity. But many years ago you had a vision as a young man from God. Did you see this in the vision about Africa?

Reinhard: Yes well I cannot say that I saw this in a vision in such dimension as we see it in reality today. You know the Lord said that I would… when I was young I heard Him say that I would stand before presidents, and kings, and prime ministers and preach to nations. But you know one doesn’t know is it just real or is up to interpretation, but this is literal it is absolutely literal. I praise God. When I was a young man I went from prophecy to prophecy, today I go from fulfillment to fulfillment.

Sid: You told me something else that was terribly exciting and that was in 2001 you had a campaign in the Sudan with Muslims. What occurred?

Reinhard: Well I had the first campaign in Sudan in Khartoum in April 2000. The first meeting had a crowd of 30,000 people for us this is very small but…

Sid: I tell you what I’ll take 30,000 anytime (laughing).

Reinhard: (Laughing) …and when I started to pray for the sick from the platform a deaf-mute was healed. A young man of 20 years of age his name was Omar Mohammed who had suffered a lightning strike and his father died in that instance and he was deaf and mute as result of it. Within a split second this young man received perfect hearing and perfect speech. When he came to the platform I could hardly believe it because he spoke so perfect I wouldn’t believe he was deaf and mute but the people knew him and they shouted “That’s the beggar from the university.” The next day the crowd jumped already to 80,000 and it kept jumping, and to 210,000 people. I would say 95% – 98% of them were all Muslims. We saw Muslims healed, the blind healed by the dozens. I saw God pouring out His mercy on these people in such power. I would say almost more than I see Him pour out on Christians. As a matter of fact, some Christians were there and they saw the Muslims getting healed whole, saved and they said “Does Jesus love the Muslims more than His own children?” I said “No! According to your faith be it unto you.” This is what happened there.

Sid: Is that Christians have had so much that we’ve almost gotten religious rather than being hungry? Is that one of the reasons?

Reinhard: Well I don’t know I think we have complicated issues. To receive a miracle from God doesn’t mean that we need to have an M.A. in theology. If you see the records in the New Testament the greatest miracle, you know the Syrophenician woman she was not an Israelite woman she knew nothing about the word of God, and there a great miracle was given to her. So this is the proof that we don’t need to know the Bible by heart before we can expect a miracle. Its just that people in all simplicity stretch out their hand by faith and take it by faith and receive it. This is how it works, fear not only believe.

Sid: You know a name that is almost unfortunately become a household word in the United States, Osama Bin Laden. You actually got a message from him, what did it say?

Reinhard: I got an email from him that was April last year. With copies sent to CNN and the BBC, and a whole list of other organizations I did not recognize. It was done in Arabic, I had never seen Arabic on the internet at all. Then the translation into English right at the bottom saying “Bonnke if you come back to Khartoum we are going to shoot you.” So the sender it said there as clear as the day was Osama Bin Laden.

Sid: Hmm. Now when you were there in 2000 did many Muslims come to the Lord?

Reinhard: Yes!  In great abundance! In great abundance! The first 2 days the VIP section was almost totally empty. The last 2 days they were packed with government ministers and their large families, there was no room enough. They were responding to the gospel. We had hundreds of thousands of decisions for the Jesus Christ in that very Easter celebration we called it, Easter Celebration.

Sid: Did you have any idea how many of those were Muslim?

Reinhard: Well since there are so few Christians…

Sid: (Laughing)

Reinhard: …I dare you just have a guess, but I was told that Khartoum was flooded with home cell groups and get-togethers. It really had a mighty, mighty impact.

Sid: Reinhard would there have been anyway that number of Muslims would have come the Lord without miracles?

Reinhard: I don’t think we would have gotten their attention. I think… I’m not saying that miracles are there just to draw the attention to the gospel in form of ad registrant I don’t believe that. I believe that the healing power of Jesus is inherent in the gospels. When the gospel and it is believe that healings just flow out of it, flow from it. I have come to see that the tree of life as we see it right in Genesis and we also find it back then in the book of Revelation. This tree of life which has so many leaves and these leaves are for the medicine for the nation. I’ve come to see the word of God as the tree of life and every leaf in the word of God is healing. When we preach the word of God from these leafs of the Bible the tree of life healing will flow so… this is all pulled together. The medicine is in the gospel, in the tree of life and at the same time it stirs whole cities and whole nations that brings the people, but the purpose is not and foremost for advertisement it is for compassion, the compassionate heart of God of the Lord. This compassion flows through us to those who need help and healing.

Sid: Reinhard when you got such a serious death threat from this Osama Bin Laden, why were you willing to go? Why didn’t you just cancel?

Reinhard: Well we prayed, we prayed you know, we go by the direction of God almighty and by the Holy Spirit. We are not just bluffed… I am being bluffed so often… I don’t chicken out. So we prayed and the Lord spoke to us…

Sid: Reinhard we’re out of time right now.

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Our Guests Bob & Jayne Griffin

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Bob Griffin

Sid:  My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him at Charlotte, North Carolina where he’s ministering is Bob Griffin.  Bob moves in the prophetic gift he is a prophet. Bob you told me that the Lord showed you previous to September 11th what would happen.

Bob: Yes that’s exactly right Sid we’ve been experiencing dreams and visions for a long time and the Spirit of the Lord has been very generous in pouring out. We’ve had some grand experiences and what you’re talking about right now with the September 11th situation I actually had a dream where I was carried in the Spirit to a specific place. And I heard in the dream an angel of the Lord saying that the landscapes are changing.  And I said “How so Lord?” And suddenly I was moved I heard him say like the Oklahoma City bombing.”  And immediately I was in the Spirit and carried to the Oklahoma City combing where I stood before the Alfred P. Murrah Building.  And I was standing there grieving suddenly the building disappeared and I was crying and grieving because my own mother had been killed in that bombing and I heard again “The landscapes are changing.” And I said “How so Lord?” And He said “Like the World Trade Center.”  And I began to argue with Him because in my mind in this dream I thought well that’s already occurred that’s old news but He said it again “The landscapes are changing” and at that moment I saw the Statue of Liberty with her arms outstretched around the Twin Towers.  And all of a sudden both buildings disappeared right before my eyes. And as they disappeared before my eyes I saw the third building and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth and the seventh disappearing and I heard again “The landscapes are changing.” At that moment I began to wake up but I heard the Lord saying “Liberty all of our hopes and dreams are contained in her.”  And suddenly I saw just a very narrow window where God was getting ready to display the prophetic in that dream I was going through a fire escape and the Lord was saying “This vision is going worldwide very quickly.”  I woke up I went to our staff luncheon I began to tell them on the afternoon of September 10th that God said “Tomorrow is 9/11 we’re going to put our eyes on the World Trade Center.” And of course the rest is history we got a phone call at 10 minutes to 9:00 that said “Turn on the TV” and we saw it just in time to see the first plane coming in in a recorded message but we saw the second plane hitting the tower.

Sid:  Now what did you feel like when you saw that happen after having been told ahead of time it was going to happen?

Bob: Well you know what it was very intriguing having walked in the prophetic realm experiencing these things quite often and they’re still always shocked because you see it but sometimes when you’re not sure if this is a spiritual message or if it was an actual physical thing, but coming into the realm of the Spirit that God has been calling us into we’re realizing more and more that these are actual physical events.

Sid: Now you told me before we went on the air just before we went on the air God showed you something very dramatic that’s going to happen to America which we want to talk about in a little bit. But I want our Mishpochah to get to know you a little bit about your background and how you came to the Lord.

Bob: Well very quickly in a nutshell I was a young guy raised as a Catholic didn’t really know the Lord, I mean my mom sent me to church you know and I went to church and that was about it until I got bored with it and I walked away. And somewhere around nineteen I had been addicted to drugs for quite a while actually about 7 years or so. Somebody invited me to a church and I went to a church and I walked down an aisle I got born again and very quickly backslid and went out into the world. And in all of my dealings I went deeper and deeper out into drugs.  Well I had an experience on the side of a mountain and I was actually doing drugs and on this side of this mountain I heard a voice say “You’re dying” and I began to argue with it and I recognized that it as God even though I had been born again and walked away from God I believed in God but I didn’t really see the power of it in my life, and I really didn’t see the power of Him in the church.  And so I quickly went back out into the world and so I’m having an experience where I hear the Lord saying to me “You’re dying.”  And I said “It doesn’t matter.” And suddenly I saw a vision of my parents walking away from me and I said “What is that?” And He said “It is your funeral.”  And I realized very fearfully God is speaking to me and I began to weep and I said “God please help me, please save me and do whatever is necessary.”  And God said a prophetic word to me on the side of that mountain in Colorado and He said “I want you to turn around, He said “The generation that’s following you in your footsteps is dead and dying and I want you turn around and speak to them and tell them ‘This is not the way.’” So I immediately came off of that mountain I was at a concert actually.  And I went home and I ended up smoking pot for about 3 more months miserable until one day I was flipping through the channels and I was I guess to the end of what I guess to be myself you know and flipping through the channels on TV and listening to old love songs on the radio and there was a televangelist on there and he was speaking in tongues. While he was speaking in tongues I began to mock him in my heart and I said “Who does that clown think he is?”  I was just very angry and all of a sudden he looked up and said “You right there you’re smoking a joint and I dropped the joint on the floor” and he said “You just dropped the joint on the floor.”  And my whole mind, my whole world exploded at that moment because my mind couldn’t comprehend that God would love somebody so much that he would position somebody and put a word out in the future because I looked at the screen and I realized that it said “Prerecorded program.”  And very quickly I realized that there’s no way that anybody could have orchestrated this but God.  And I’m on my knees just crying and weeping and He’s giving me a prophetic word about receiving a prophet. I suddenly realized that God really did love me and I quickly went into the Baptist church was water baptized, went into a full gospel church I went into a drug dealers house and was baptized in the Holy Spirit on my knees in a bedroom and several months later the Lord began to reveal to me that I was Jewish.  I argued with God, I said “God I don’t know anything about this.”  And he said “Your grandfather changed his name twice go and call your mother.”  Well I waited 6 more weeks every day the Lord would tell me “Call your mother, call your mother, call your mother” and I argued because I thought “God I know where I came from I don’t know anything about this.” And finally one day it was so strong I just finally did it just to do it I called my mom and I said “Mom tell me about my heritage.” And the first words out of her mouth I was 31 years old she said “Well of course you’re Jewish.”  And I started, I didn’t know what to say my mouth fell open and I began to cry and I said “God what is going on?” And my mom said “Well, your grandfather changed his name twice.” And he said “When he came in from Russia from Minsk, Russia your great grandparents came in and when they came into the United States their name was changed and later on in life your grandfather was teased his first name was Isadore and he changed his name to John.  And there name was Pare and when they came into the United States they were named Pierce and it was a very French name and kind of an Americanized name. So I began to trace it and I began to realize that God was really speaking to me.  And the only way I realized that is because I went through experiences where I was craving for my Jewish roots I had no idea why…

Sid: And yet when you were younger you were anti-Semitic.

Bob: That’s exactly right my real father was German and I grew up in school drawing swastikas all over my pants and ink on my hands and hated Jews.  I didn’t even know why I hated Jews I just had a hatred inside of me. And what was very interesting was that I could remember one particular season during the Christmas holidays that my mom had some Hanukah candles in the house and I didn’t even know what they were but I hated them I didn’t want them to be in the house. And it wasn’t until after I was born again, filled with the Holy Spirit had these experiences with God that I began to realize the Lord’s really speaking to me. I went back and I began to realize that He knew us from the very beginning, He knew where we came from and He knew where we are I began to realize how very realize how real He was.  And I began to go back and repent for all of the sins of my forefathers. And there was a time in ministry where I was ministering that I realized that every time a child would cry or agitate during a service Sid I felt like it would break the anointing I would get very angry and I didn’t understand where that anger was coming from until the time of fasting and prayer I literally had a vision of a curse coming into our family because I saw a man who was striking a woman in what I believe to be a concentration camp and I saw a baby being ripped from her arms.  And I saw the baby being thrown on the ground and I saw this man killing this woman. And I began to realize those were the roots of my forefathers on one side and the roots of my forefathers on the other side of this family were warring against each other.

Sid: Do you think that perhaps that maybe even your drug addiction was connected with that curse that was passed on?

Bob: I absolutely believe it was, I actually was addicted to drugs from the earliest time I can remember in fact I look back I don’t know if I was 10½ maybe 11 years old when I first began experimenting with drugs. My mother was addicted to drugs she was like she was like the woman with the issue of blood she had problems medical problems with her..all of her life and then she was continuously to a doctor, medicine cabinet full of drugs as a child I would study what these drugs were I would pull out a Physicians Desk Reference and study and study and study drugs because I wanted to be a drug addict I just was addicted. I didn’t know why but I just was.

Sid: Your deliverance very dramatic when you were baptized in the Holy Spirit you had a dream that night tell me about that dream.

Bob: It is very interesting I had never had a dream to my knowledge I really didn’t know what it was I mean people have dreams but I had never had a dream.  And the night I got on my knees and was baptized in the Holy Spirit I was laying in bed that night and just praying in the Spirit and just feeling the most glorious infilling that anybody could imagine I just felt the power and the presence of God just surging through my entire body just sweeping through me. All of a sudden I fell asleep and I had a dream that Yeshua walked in Jesus walked in. and when He walked in He was over my right shoulder and He was smiling down at me and He had a scalpel in his hand and I had so much peace as I watch this scalpel coming to my neck.  And all of a sudden He cut me open from stem to stern from my neck all the way down and when He did snakes just began pouring out of me. It was so real that I could feel the snakes on my skin I could hear them wrestling on the sheets, I could feel the weight of them as they hit the floor and went towards the baseboards and just disappeared. And it kind of frightened me at first and all of a sudden I reached in when it was very calm I reached into my belly which was still open and there were white oblong things in there.  And as I reached in there and pulled those out I heard a voice say “Don’t open them.”  And I was still curious and probably more rebellious and there were more snakes inside of there.  And as I scooped them out and put them down I looked up and the Lord was gone but not before I heard a voice that said “When that which is broken a viper breaks out.” And I went for probably 3 weeks probably what that phrase meant and one day I was reading Isaiah and it’s a portion of scripture that I had never heard before. I realized that the Lord broke me open and He delivered me from all of those curses, He delivered me from those things that I was carrying. And up until that time I literally had been in church so many different times that I walked an aisle and said “Jesus come into my heart I believe” but nothing really changed in me.  I mean I believed but I was still addicted and I was still in bondage I needed the anointing to break that open.

Sid: Bob we’re out of time Mishpochah I urge you to listen to this week.

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Our Guest Dell Sanchez

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Dell Sanchez (1296) 2002

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is a Sephardic, that’s a Spanish Messianic Jew and he’s name is Dell Sanchez. And Dr. Sanchez has written a book called “The Last Exodus,” we have it available in English and Spanish.  And what he has to say I have never ever heard anywhere; we know about the inquisition in Spain where Jews were tortured and murdered to convert to Catholicism and money was taken away from them from, and their property. And it was a very dark period of time in the history of church and we all know about that but what we don’t know is that the Franciscans and the Dominicans followed these Jews who went to freedom.  You know in 1492 the Jews got out of Spain many of them we found out the Christopher Columbus himself escorted on a number of trips these Jews out. But what we haven’t heard is they were followed by these sinister characters of the inquisition and the same thing went on in Mexico, other Latin America Cities. And also in Southwest America, pick up there.

Dell: Yes Sid actually these whole Spanish inquisition was not only to Mexico City as I said earlier but into Columbia and in Peru. But the missions were being established as early… You know frankly I just heard just a few days ago that there is synagogue in Santo Domingo that had been converted from synagogue back to a Catholic purpose and underneath in the basement are the very torture elements of the inquisition in the Islands where Christopher Columbus had initially come in. But let me tell you Sid this thing of the Spanish missions God has been dealing with me for sometime, something about it.

Sid: Now when you’re saying Spanish missions you’re saying the Spanish missions in southwest America.

Dell: Yes these are the Catholic missions like the Alamo, like Concepcion, many of the missions that are even here in San Antonio, New Mexico and California you know.

Sid: So what did they do? What sinister thing did they do to the Jews?

Dell: Well what happened is that they were already conspiring they were spying to see who where those that had the pendency’s to be Jewish; to be Jewish in their faith, to be Jewish in their lifestyle. They were finding any trace this inquisition was a persecution machinery to eliminate any facets.   See they used to call Judism and the Sephardic faith a heresy and so they were planted not only for the purpose as they alleged to evangelize the natives but also to spy and investigate…

Sid: Alright what would happen when they would find a Jew?

Dell: Well what happened is they would confiscate your goods; they would begin to persecute you terribly. Of course the inquisition didn’t come across the Rio Grande quite the way it was terrible in Mexico City, but the persecutions the oppressive regime was horrendous, it was totally diabolical, it was demonic. They would take your children without your permission and put them in if they were cute and brave and such they would put them in the Catholic Christian homes.

Sid: How could they do that in America?

Dell: They did it! They would come and rape your children, they would do whatever they jolly well wanted to do!  And there is documentation in certain very particular and almost hid libraries that have the documentation of these what I’m saying to you in Spanish but the world doesn’t know Sid and I’m discovering this and it’s there set, proof.

Sid: Well you state that the University of California in their archives shows the names of actual Jews that were killed in the Mexican inquisition.

Dell: And it’s just only begun, yes it’s the University of California at Berkley and they have already tons of material that they’ve discovered of recent and paid dearly to be able to retrieve from Mexico and to reprocess so as to preserve the material that point back to the Mexico inquisition, to the evidences, and the tortures, and the rapes, and the confiscations.  Yes all of this is coming up; it’s very peculiar Sid that it’s all coming up for such a time as this.

Sid: Now why? That is a question that I’ve been pondering throughout this interview, I mean this has been hidden up until now why is it surfacing right now?

Dell: I believe Sid with all of my heart I believe that Spirit of the living God of the Almighty El Shaddai the source of all bless Him is now raising up from among the dead as it were among the dead from the double ash heap raising up my people Sephardim.  Because you see first of all, we need… before we can comprehend a prophecy we need to understand our history they go together but God has a purpose. I discovered here recently all of us that are of any Sephardic inclination or documentation we all refer to Obadiah 20 “The Jews of Sapharad, the Jews from Sapharad they will come back and occupy the cities and the villages of the territory of the Negev.” Which is southern Israel the wilderness the desert, but the next verse a lot of my colleagues don’t look at that you see that is a sequence there’s a chronology of prophetic events. That those that are in south will migrate the north in Israel and those that are in the west were in Sapharad and even further west which is the America’s are going to return to occupy the territory or the inheritance or our inheritance in the Negev.  And now verse 21 says “And Saviors, or rescuers, or liberators will then at that point in the chronology of prophesy will ascend and be directly instrumental in the rescue of Zion.”  And I believe with all of my heart that this is why this is why I call it that God calls it “The Last Exodus.”  We’ve seen the Ashkenazi’s we’ve seen the Ethiopian Jews, we’ve seen Jews from Europe and many other parts of the world but now we’re seeing the lost and forgotten ones for 4-5 600 years emerging in an act of mercy for us to identify who in the world we are so we may identify who we are so that we may come into the total complete home in Yeshua our Messiah so that God can show us what is our destiny in life here and in the process of Aliyah and in the process of the redemption and the revival coming to Israel.

Sid: Okay we have such numbers as Netanyahu the former Prime Minister of Israel’s father says there’s something like 60 million of these Sephardic Jews. The Jerusalem Post reported that there’s something like 20 million of these Sephardic Jews in the nations. Now do you believe that as these Latin Jews, these Spanish Jews come back to Israel they’ll be coming back like Saul of Tarsus who became Paul the Apostle?  I mean do you think they’ll be fiery evangelists raised up?

Dell: Yes, yes, yes. You see I used to say “Oh my God why did this occur to us, oh my God why have we’ve been in hiding for so long?” But the Lord by the same token has said to me “Son I took you underground to save you, now to rescue your people.” So now He’s emerging us and He’s raising us up for such a time as this.

Sid: Tell me about these 6,000 names of Jews with Spanish names but they have Jewish blood. Tell me about… I mean there is a lot of names and some of them I mean they don’t remotely sound Jewish. Tell me where you got these 6000 names from.

Dell:  I got the 6,000 names and more I just discovered more names in a home in Denver, Colorado just this…

Sid: Why in a home in Denver, Colorado?

Dell: They’ve been compiling them secretly and subtly and quietly compiling names.

Sid: How do you know that these name, how do you know that these names are authentic that are really Spanish Jewish names?

Dell:  Well for the first part you know we go by the record what’s the character? What’s the nature of the source, who is saying these things is it a credible person? Is it a well documented someone that’s trustworthy and integral?  You know affectively we look at the record in terms of the bona fide ability with the names that was already in Spain.

Sid: Well I’m looking in your book and here’s a list of Sephardic or Spanish Sir names which were actually extracted from the inquisitional files.  You can’t get more authentic than that!

Dell: That’s right and so when you begin to compare with the files and archives that were discovered in Spain itself and then later here now by the University of California of Berkley, and also sources out of the University of New Mexico, I mean let’s face it these people are about as credible situations not a pie in the sky.

Sid: Now a lot of these people don’t know that they have Jewish blood I mean I see some names I see the name of a former secretary of the Messianic Vision that has a tremendous Jewish burden and her name is on this list and she has a Latin Heritage.

Dell: Yes, yes and…

Sid: Oy vei we’re out of time!

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Our Guest Jonathan Bernis

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Sid: Sid Roth with something more I’m with my good friend Jonathan Bernis. You know Jonathan from Jewish Voice you’ve probably seen him on television. Jonathan you have a passion for the lost tribes. Question 1: What are the lost tribes?

Jonathan: Well there’s 2 definitions of lost tribes I’ll give them both to you. The narrow definition is that in 722 BC the northern 10 tribes of Israel were taken into captivity by the Assyrians, it’s called the Assyrian Captivity. This is at a time when Israel and Judah were divided. Ten in the north, 2 tribes in the south, and they were never heard from again. We don’t read about them coming back from the Assyrian captivity. So in a narrow sense the 10 lost tribes are those 10 tribes that were taken by the Assyrians and we don’t know what happened to them. There’s lots of speculations throughout history. The other definition of the lost tribes is really what I call the scattered remnant of Israel. You need to understand Sid that through history Jewish people were scattered numerous times.

Sid: Of course.

Jonathan: The 10 tribes, then the tribe of Judah was taken captive by Babel, into Babylon, only a remnant returned. What happened to the rest? 70 AD Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans after the Bar Kokhba revolt in 132 BC or AD rather 132 – 136. They forbid Jews to live in Jerusalem and Israel and this is known as the diaspora, the great dispersion. Then throughout the Middle Ages you have Jewish communities being banished from different countries and wondering through Italy, through England, through Spain, the Spanish Inquisition of 1492. Later Portugal a few years later, where did the Jewish people go? They were scattered throughout the nations of the world. So now God is in the process of fulfilling, I believe, fulfilling Isaiah chapter 11 and other prophecies where he says “I will gather the outcast of Israel.” The lost tribes, the scattered remnant of Israel are the Jewish communities that were scattered throughout the world, wondering throughout the world and are now being restored to the nation of Israel, to the State of Israel.

Sid: Some rabbis actually believe… essential for end times is to restore the lost tribes from the 4 corners…

Jonathan: Well I absolutely believe that. The promise to re-gather His people back to the land, you see He said “If you disobey my commandments you will be scattered, but then I will draw you back” (Deuteronomy).  Almost every prophet talks about the re-gathering at a set time in history and I believe it’s the time known as the end of days or the last days.

Sid: Okay well you are really specializing in this, how did it start?

Jonathan: Well for me personally as with many other things like Russia, I wondered into it, it was really God’s divine leading without me even knowing about it.

Sid: I thought that was just me!

Jonathan: No! No! No!

Sid: I call God the great pusher. I’d like to say I’m the great follower but with my life He’s pushed me…

Jonathan: Both of us have been pushed into things we had no idea…

Sid: Right.

Jonathan: …and He prepared this for us before the foundation of the world that’s what’s so exciting. Well I was invited to Ethiopia after the Russian revival of the 90’s which you were a part of. We saw amazing things Sid, we saw so many salvations, healings, miracles in Russia. I could ride in a taxi and almost every taxi driver that I met I led to the Lord in a short taxi ride.

Sid: Right.

Jonathan: It was that powerful it was a revival. So after that began to wane I was asking God “What’s next? Show me.” I had no idea and I just wondered to Ethiopia, somebody had invited me to Ethiopia and was the next assignment for me. I met a group called the Beta Israel…

Sid: The House of Israel.

Jonathan: … The House of Israel. Ethiopian Jews that had retained their identity and been persecuted for hundreds of years. Many had been taken back to Israel but tens of thousands remained in Ethiopia in poverty. Suddenly the light came and I saw here’s Jewish people that are in need; you know in America we don’t think of Jewish people in financial need and poverty. In Ethiopia there’s Jews in absolute poverty. Another idea another strategy to reach Jewish people, this time not with cultural festivals with music and dance, but with medical care, with dental care, with eye care. So we began to organize, our ministry began to organize…

Sid: What other areas besides Ethiopia…

Jonathan: Right.

Sid: …you been working in?

Jonathan: That’s where it began to answer your question. So it began in Ethiopia and then I began to read about various lost tribes. Different books were sent to me, articles and I learned about a group called the “Lemba.” This is…

Sid: In Africa?

Jonathan: In Africa in the remote bush of Zimbabwe. I sent someone to try and find the Lemba.

Sid: (Laughing)

Jonathan: They found the Lemba. I get this phone call from an Ethiopian member of our team, Mezmor. He calls me from Ethiopia and introduces me on the phone to a member of the Zimbabwe Parliament that’s a member of the Lemba tribe. He tells me “Come! We’ve been praying for you, I’ve written to you, you’ve never written back.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Jonathan: Long story short, I flew Zimbabwe and it was so complex just getting there Sid. I had to fly to Johannesburg which is a huge commitment in time, and then when I got to Johannesburg had to take another flight to Harari. Then we had to rent a small plane… oh it’s even more interesting we had to clear a field to take this small plane…

Sid: I can match that description when I went to the lost tribe of the Kaifeng in China.

Jonathan: Right. I went with you remember?

Sid: That’s right.

Jonathan: The Lord spoke to me in Russia and said “Go with Sid and help.”

Sid: And as a little aside, he never got as sick in his life as…

Jonathan: You remember? It was one of the sickest I had ever been and it took me a month to recover, but anyway that’s another story.

Sid: I want to go into another area because this is so fascinating. When he does these clinics all of the doctors, and nurses, and dentists, and people that come along they’re strong believers. They not only help the people physically but they pray for them to be physically healed. Your last event, tell me about that.

Jonathan: Well I just came back from Zimbabwe 2 weeks ago and incidentally it was in Zimbabwe that travail began to just come out of me. So there’s something in connection with these lost tribes with the Lemba and other scattered Jewish communities that I believe is directly connected to me going back into travail. It’s a new season Sid. We are in a new time in history.

Sid: It’s not just on the last tribes.

Jonathan: No.

Sid: You see Jonathan moved… he’s like a fisherman he goes where the fish are biting. Fish were biting in the former Soviet Union he went, God directed him there. Fish were biting these lost tribes, God directed him there. But I’ve got some good news this is America’s time, France’s time, Italy’s time, this is the… Israel’s time the Jewish people are going to be on fire for the Lord. Once again they’re going to be the catalyst for the greatest Gentile revival in history.

Jonathan: Sid I want to accent that. I believe that we’re entering into the greatest revival the world has ever seen. Look back at the first century… I used to read the New Testament and I think “Oh if I only lived in that time where my shadow healed someone.” The more I understand the times we live in the more I’m thankful that I live in this time, I don’t want to live in any other time than now Sid. It’s the time to favor Zion is here.

Sid: Well I had a dream and in the dream God came to me and he said “I’m coming back soon” 3 times. “I’m coming back soon. I’m coming back soon. I’m coming back soon.”  Tell me some of those miracles that happened in Zimbabwe.

Jonathan: We’re seeing all kinds of miracles in Zimbabwe.

Sid: Tell me some specific things you saw with your eyes.

Jonathan: So 2 weeks ago we setup this prayer tent, and by the way the first Lemba outreach we did over 5000, now you heard this correctly, over 5000 Lemba Jews came to faith in Jesus as Messiah in one week, 5000.

Sid: Praise God.

Jonathan: So some of the miracles, a woman came in with a goiter on her neck, a huge goiter, and as we began to pray for her as our prayer team began to pray, the goiter literally began to shrink, shrink shrink. By the time we were done praying, our team was done praying, the goiter was completely gone.

Sid: By the way, there’s power in the testimony and there’s someone with a goiter right now on your neck…

Jonathan: Yes.

Sid: …as a matter of fact, and it is going down in Yeshua’s name, in Jesus’ name. Go ahead tell me something else you saw.

Jonathan: We’ve had other people that were carried in, they didn’t come in wheelchairs because they don’t have wheelchairs. They were carried in just completely lame and walked out of the tent, able to walk out.  Let me tell you another one that I was part of that was absolutely amazing, but this was in Ethiopia in Gondar, Ethiopia. A young man came in probably 18-19 years of age deaf and dumb. Now what’s fascinating is that he had grown up in the same community so it’s like a Bible experience where they all know him from childhood. The Lord opened up his hearing and I was standing behind him whispering, kind of like an old Ernest Angley thing “Yeshua.” He was “Yeshua” and he was standing behind him and all of the elders of the community, this is what made the miracle so amazing all witnessed this; and they knew this young man was born this way, and they had no explanation they were absolutely stunned. I was just kind of taunting them getting them him to talk because I could see they were… they didn’t know what to do with this. They were absolutely stunned because they knew this man his whole life.

Sid: As Jonathan was sharing that God is telling me there is someone with problems in your hands, the problem is bending your fingers. If you do that right now you will walk right into your miracle. Now Jonathan…

Jonathan: Carpal tunnel is being healed right now as we speak carpal tunnel.

Sid: I see anything to do with the hands.

Jonathan: Yep.

Sid: Tell me about this, tell me about this amazing brand new book.

Jonathan: Okay Sid this is a workbook this is the 3rd in a series. I’m going through the scriptures and I’m looking at the names of God, the revealed compound names of God. This one Adonai Yireh we sing Jehovah Jireh the correct Hebrew is Yireh, and it means the Lord will provide. It comes from Genesis 22 where God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. So the first provision is Jesus. Okay? And everything that He provides for us. There’s 2 points to this:  One confessing the word of God. When we’re confessing the word of God we are releasing life, we’re releasing power, we’re also hearing the word and it’s getting into spirit and building faith. So I’m big believer in confession simply because it works. It’s Biblical and it works. Then I’ve connected it to the Hebrew language which is a modern revival of an ancient language it’s a pure language, it’s a heavenly language and I like to call it a super language just as there’s super foods that have nutrients and vitamins that are abnormally rich. The Hebrew language is abnormally rich. The word shalom for example peace.  We have the English peace so I say peace to you it means rest, it means to experience God’s peace. But the word shalom has like 20 words that it’s connected to it also means well-being, it also means wholeness, it also means completion, welfare all of these English words that we have to confess.

Sid: So what you’re saying if I understand this right, Jonathan takes the promises of God which are supernatural and puts them in a super food package called Hebrew. That’s the way God originally did it.

Jonathan: Right. When we confess the word… so we confess shalom we’re confessing more than 20 English words and it comes to pass. Why Sid? Because confession has creative force, what separates man God’s creation is articulate speech and there’s life in the power of the tongue. So I’m a big believer in confession, I’m a big believer in Hebrew, and when you put them together you have a supernatural merging.

Sid: What feedback on your first 2 books “The Lord Your Healer” the one “The Lord Your Peace.” These have been out for a while what type of feedback is your office telling is coming on them?

Jonathan: Well I got a letter form a pastor who had taken this, I believe it was an Indian woman that was dying of cancer in the hospital, I think it was Leukemia. He began to play the tape for her I don’t think she was able to confess it. The CD that’s attached to it has me confessing the scriptures in English and then in Hebrew a native Israeli speaking them in Hebrew. He just played it in her hospital room day after day and she was completely healed of Leukemia. He was writing to thank me for her healing. I didn’t do it the word of God healed this woman.

Sid: You really have a passion for not just confessing God’s word but being able, and on the transliteration are finding people who have never studied Hebrew can in minutes speak it?

Jonathan: 5 minutes and you’re speaking Hebrew fluently when you follow along with the Hebrew speaker. I went to Hebrew school for years Sid and struggled for my bar-mitzvah, I hated Hebrew school.

Sid: Me too.

Jonathan: And guess what? You don’t have to be a Hebrew scholar you can actually put the Hebrew language to work in 5 minutes with these workbooks. That’s what they are they are workbooks. You said something about investing before…

Sid: Yes.

Jonathan: When you get this you’re investing in the ministry, well you’re not just investing in the ministry you’re investing in yourself. You’re investing in building into your spirit life, investing into yourself peace, and rest, and provision, and healing. All of these revelations that come out when you speak for the Hebrew language, confess the Hebrew language gets into your hearing, gets into your spirit and comes out being spoken and releases life.

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