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Our Guest Guillermo Maldonado

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GUILLERMO: Impartation is, the word impartation, Romans 1:11 says, Paul says: I will impart to you. The word impart means to share virtue. So what I will do now is I will activate what you have: gifts, revelation, gifts of the spirit, the supernatural. Number 2, I will impart what I have. So when somebody shares something [they’re] saying I give you something that you didn’t have. Oh my God, I am so excited! Oh— You must be willing to receive what I have. And that is share a virtue. And how would you know it? Well, whenever you go back and pray for people, now I’m gonna put you to pray for the sick and you will say, “I didn’t have that before and now I feel power came out of me.” So impartation came, you were activated in the gifts of the spirit in the supernatural, you were activated in the supernatural but also you received a virtue that you didn’t have. Can I hear an “amen?”


GUILLERMO: So I will do those two things. Can we pray together? Okay, lift your hands towards Jesus. Are you hungry for the supernatural?


GUILLERMO: Okay, to move in the supernatural you must be hungry. You must be hungry. If you’re not hungry, God cannot impose something that you don’t want. You must be crying out in the spirit. Lift your hands and say [AS AUDIENCE REPEATS AFTER GUILLERMO AFTER EACH PHRASE]: Father; in the name of Jesus; I am born again; and the moment I was born again; I was born from above; from heaven; from the kingdom of God; so it’s normal; the supernatural for me; the supernatural is normal; right now, Lord; forgive me; say forgive me; I gave place to religion; and the supernatural; was removed from me; Right now; I ask You; to activate me; again; Lord; I receive; a fresh impartation; I receive; a fresh impartation; in Jesus name; right now; right now; right now! There you go, there you go, pray in the Holy Ghost, pray in the Holy Ghost, lift your hands, pray in the Holy Ghost! (Guillermo prays): Father, in the name of Jesus right now I activate the gifts, I activate the supernatural, I activate any gifts in every person in this building, I activate the supernatural, I activate the people to do miracles, signs and wonders, to move, to cast out demons, to prophesy, to intercede, any gifts that was dormant in them at the count of three, they being activated now. One, two, three, NOW!

There you go. Receive, receive, receive, receive, receive! Father, I impart, I share virtue. Oh, what I have, right now, what I have I activate them and now I impart to them. The anointing is in my mouth and right now I impart to them. When I count to three receive the impartation and respond to it. One two, three, NOW! There you go. Keep praying in the Holy Ghost (praying in tongues), lift your hands, keep, keep , keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost, keep praying in the Holy Ghost. There’s a fresh, there’s a fresh impartation, but I want you to cry out to God, I want you to cry out to God, “God I want it,” “God, I want it,” “I want it,” “I want it,” “I want it.” Frank, help me, please.

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November 18th, 2020 at 4:02 am

Our Guest Kevin Zadai

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SID: So that you can have your own experiential knowledge with God, let the fire come. Say that at home and here, let the fire come. Alright, Kevin, you told me an angel just started talking to you, and how are angels involved in the Holy Fire?

KEVIN: Well, they actually behold the face of our Father that’s in heaven. That’s why Jesus said, “Don’t do anything to these little ones because of their angels.” The children’s angels always see the face of their Father in heaven. Well, the angels report back, but when they do they energize. I saw them coming to the throne. They were catching on fire and energizing and then coming back and standing beside people and helping them. So angels come and they grab us. They’re expediters. They come to grab us and to take us into what God has for us. When the angel… When he shows up like he does in my meetings, everything goes into this hyper drive. In other words, it goes up a level. And all the sudden—

SID: I’ve seen that in your meetings.

KEVIN: Yes. And all the sudden you’ve seen witches come up and repent. You’ve seen demons flying out of witches. Well, that just doesn’t happen. They can usually come to disrupt a service. Okay, other things are going to start happening. Right now there’s people, right now he’s telling me that those watching this show that they’re being healed. There’s all kinds of problems that are being healed in people’s backs and necks right now. And not only that, there’s a lot of cancer patients. There’s a lot of people with cancer. Right now the tumors are starting to dissolve. I know where you’re going to get reports, Sid. This is because we have to speak from the other realm. We were healed. That means we are healed.

SID: Kevin, when you were in heaven, you talked about a sapphire floor. Tell me about the sapphire floor.

KEVIN: I was really surprised, Sid, because I had to look up the scriptures. But I did see this sapphire was really, really blue, but it was being lit up by flames and they were white flames. So I was standing on the floor ‘cause I had walked on it and the Lord stopped me. He said, oh, this is only if I bid you to come. And I said, well, Lord, I’m the righteousness of God in Christ, Jesus and you—

SID: You were taught that.

KEVIN: Yeah. And I started—

SID: To say it.

KEVIN: Say all those scriptures I’m Holy as you’re Holy. And he said, oh no, he said, this sapphire floor is not positional. This is relational. He said, Enoch can walk on this floor. He said, because Enoch walked separate in the fear of the Lord and in holiness. He said, Kevin, he said, many that day will come. And I will say them. I never knew you. And he said, they will say, I cast out devils. I healed the sick. And he said, those people believed in me, but they didn’t walk with me.

SID: Tell me about the white fence.

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November 8th, 2020 at 4:47 am

Our Guest Jodie Hughes

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JODIE: The let you know he was reading them right then. The atmosphere was thick and electric and I could feel the glory of the Lord and the hope of the Lord and his faith and his love. I’m watching this angel and this angel, I’m watching it pick up the pen and mark off promise after promise after promise. I’m feeling things start to shift in my body. I can feel things shifting again, as I’m saying this right now, I know you who are listening right now, God is reading out promises from heaven right now in our lives and things are beginning to shift. Amen. I’m lying there and … you know, I’ve often called this angel a tick off angel because in Australia we say tick off instead of check off or mark.

SID ROTH: I’m glad you trans—

JODIE: Yes. This angel at first had a stern look on its face and even as I was looking at it and the presence of the Lord was so thick, I was like, “Why is the angel ticked off, looking so serious?” Then as, as the angel started to tick off a few more promises, I realized that affliction was leaving my body and torment was leaving my body and pain was leaving my body, and the angel’s demeanor started to change. There was this sense of peace that came over this angel, different. And I knew in that moment, the angel had not been stern or ticked off with me. The angel was ticked off with the enemy who had kept my body in affliction and torment for so many years. Again, I’m watching and I’m seeing the angel again and it’s hard to explain, but in that moment, there were just tears dripping down my eyes as I’m crying out again and again and again, “God, you remembered me. You’re the God of Lazarus still,” and they were more ticks and ticks and I understood in this vision that God had not forgotten a single promise that was written over my life. He had not forgotten. There was an order to it, there was an alignment to it, I knew that there were way more promises on that … they just went on and on and on in that moment.

SID ROTH: That meant you are going to ling a long, long, long, long time.

JODIE: Amen. Amen. I could feel health being returned to my body. Anyone who’s walked a long journey, they understand that there’s a sense of sickness in you. I felt that leaving, and there was a sense of knowing, “I’m getting well. I’m getting well.” I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “You can rest now, Jodie.”

Well, I woke up the very next morning in the hospital room to a nurse standing next to me and I looked and everything felt different. I felt different. I looked in the corner and I was like, the angel’s not there. I couldn’t see the angel, but I knew the angel was still at work. I knew God was still at work. The nurse was taking all my observations and she said, “Wow, you’re doing well.” And there was this look of shock on the nurse.

SID ROTH: I could picture that.

JODIE: I remember thinking, “Yes. Thank you, Jesus, I am doing well.” I knew I was doing a lot better.

Well that day, I was able to … they allowed me to try and eat some food. I’ve not been able to eat and I was able to eat. So then they gave me something else to eat and I was starving and I was able to eat. I was able to drink. I was able to get up. Yes I was weak, but I was walking and I was walking around in the room. Well that same day, the very next day, the night before there was no hope, doctors had no hope for me, the very next day, they released me from hospital. But this is what’s incredible about it. The doctor’s name who signed my release form from hospital was called Dr. Lazarus.

SID ROTH: When we return, Jodie is going to pray that Lazarus come back, which will activate healing in every area, every cell of your life. I mean every area, every cell. Next.

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October 26th, 2020 at 2:28 am

Our Guest Jon Hamill

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SID: From this prophecy, is he going to be a two-term president?

JON: I will say yes, but I will also say, that is dependent on you. Not just your voting, and everybody should vote their conscience in this election, but also your intercession. Also your prayers for President Trump, your prayers for the administration will tip the scales in this election.

SID: And I can’t let you leave without telling me about briefly the vision of heaven.

JON: Last year, I had a prophetic experience. The Bible in the book of Revelation talks about how God’s throne is surrounded by a vast sea of glass. And in this prophetic experience, I was shooting up through the sea of glass. And I popped my head above the waters and I looked and I saw Jesus in his majesty, in his glory, in his fierceness seated at this gigantic table. And on this table were piles of crumpled up pieces of papers Sid. And these crumpled up pieces of paper represented invitations, commissions, and inheritances that his own people had rejected. And I saw the Lord take one of these pieces of paper and he put it into the sea of glass and the whole invitation was reconstituted. But I think the greatest expression of the reconstitution that I saw occurring was the reconstitution of invitations that the Lord from the depths of his heart had sent out and they had been rejected. And the Lord is giving many people another chance to respond positively to these invitations.

SID: Invitations for what?

JON: Even to come to know him and be saved and to be rescued.

SID: I want you to pray real quick for the inheritances, the invitations, those callings that you have. And these callings are still alive. Nothing is impossible with God, pray.

JON: Yes. And further, if you don’t receive this, this is going to affect your generations tremendously. We need to receive the blessing God’s given. Father in Jesus name, we approach the highest court of the kingdom of God and we are asking for the reconstitution of these invitations, according to the vision that you’ve given me. In fact, we governmentally release them. We declare that where they’ve been crumpled up and thrown aside, as you’ve been the global trash collector and you’ve brought them back before your throne, that you are reissuing them right now. And Lord, we release the reissuing of these covenants, these invitations, these commissionings, these inheritances in the name of Jesus Christ.

We declare father God that even as a nation where the enemy has tried to capture the inheritance of this nation, that you are restraining the enemy and you are releasing the saints to possess the kingdom and the inheritance of this nation will stand as a burning lamp in this season of history in the name of Jesus.

SID: How would you like to have been at a lot of private meetings at the White House, with all the different agencies? Jon Hamill, literally gets behind the scenes, knows things that you won’t read in the news. You won’t even read it in the fake news.

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October 17th, 2020 at 1:12 am

Our Guest Jonathan Cahn

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SID: Jonathan, what is the ancient mystery behind the pandemic? I can almost picture, Jonathan, you being at one of these meetings the President of the United States has, and him asking you that question.

JONATHAN: When Jeremiah said, the prophet said that judgment was coming to Israel, and he was prophesying for the 19th year, which is now 2020 for America. He spoke about a plague or pestilence coming. He said it prophesying over a field called the Valley of Hinnom. And he said, because of what you did to your children, it’s going to come back upon you. And it wasn’t that it was only one reason. There is not just one reason for a plague. But, he said, this invokes the judgment of God. They offered up thousands of their children. Well, we have offered up millions of our children. America has offered up 60 million unborn children. The world has offered up over a billion. We have done more of this in this generation than any other.

JONATHAN: And what is this plague that has come upon us? The sin of killing children is the sin of the older against the younger. Well, we have now a plague that specially strikes down the older, rather than the younger. And where does it happen? Jeremiah said that it’s going to return to the place that is the center of where you lifted up your children. Well, the center of abortion in America is New York. What became the center of the plague? New York. New York City is the capital of abortion in America. That is, became the center. More have been struck down there. Remember, Sid, we spoke about that image of death that appeared over New York City? Well, it all came back.

JONATHAN: And also the day that the headlines filled America saying that the plague had come to our soil, there was a date next to it. The date was January 22nd. That’s the same date that America legalized the killing of children. It was also one year anniversary, one year to the day, that New York passed that gruesome law of killing children up to the time of birth. And you know what they did, they celebrated it, and they lit up the harbinger, Sid. They lit up the tower in pink to celebrate it. So, here this came.

JONATHAN: But not only that, but there is a jubilee of judgment as well. And if you take when abortion on demand began in America, this horrible sin, it began in 1970, before it was legalized across the nation. And it was New York that pioneered it and really introduced it to the rest of the nation. And so, if you take jubilee, the 50th year is 2020 is the jubilee of abortion. And, when the day that they passed it, it was two days, April 9th, and 10. When they did a study to find out when the peak of the plague struck New York City, they found it was April 9th and 10th, 50 years to the day, the day that they legalized the ancient sin that brought judgment to Israel.

SID: Jonathan, you teach about a key scripture that is the most urgent scripture for this moment in history.

JONATHAN: Yeah. This is in The Harbinger, it’s in The Harbinger II. But, it’s now, it’s the one that we have in our hearts, but it’s so critical. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.”

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October 7th, 2020 at 3:50 am