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Sid:  My guest Dennis Clark had a 30 day visitation from the Lord in which the Lord taught him how to be in His presence 7 days a week 24-7; how to walk in such peace that nothing could take away your peace; how to have every promise in God’s word operate; how to operate in discernment hearing from your spirit rather than hearing from your natural senses and making a conclusion from your brain.  It’s much better if you notice most people are actors you can’t go on what people say you have to know for yourself how to hear God’s voice for yourself so that you don’t have to go to your pastor, your mentor, someone else.  You don’t have to be so unconfident that I can’t hear God’s voice I got to go to someone else to hear what does God say.  It’s time for you to be normal as defined by the Bible. Dennis you just teach it so simply but it’s a matter of taking this course so it becomes a life style as opposed to your learn it and you forget it.  But tell me three steps to help someone Biblically normal.

Dennis:  To become Biblically normal it’s going to start with location, location, location you’ve got to know His heart.

Sid:  Are you in real estate?

Dennis:  Oh yes, absolutely.

Sid:  Okay, I’m teasing.

Dennis:  It’s the real estate of where the Holy Spirit resides in you and will you let Him rule because then we can do one, two, three.  When you know that He’s down in your heart your Bible heart; the first step is any, in normal life…

Sid:  And by the way that’s such a simple but yet profound statement very few Christians know where their spirit is they think that their spirit is in their chest, or in their heart, their physical heart.  But it’s in the guts; even medical science now is coming up with the fact that they call that your second brain.  But I want to operate out of that brain all the time.

Dennis:  Correct and the first thing that you learn is that once you have peace down there in that second brain in the gut, when there’s peace there  you’re under the Messiah’s rule.  He’s ruling at that moment even if it feels like nothing, nothings a good thing compared to anything toxic.

Sid:  Turmoil.

Dennis:  Turmoil, chaos.

Sid:  So nothing.

 Dennis:  Nothing or peace is good.

Sid:  …is what’s you’re after, okay

Dennis: And from that place any person or situation that comes into your life step one.  Any person or situation that causes you if you’re paying attention down low to lose that peace. 

Sid:  Why is it that we don’t even pay attention to this supernatural gift that God has given us?  Why do we ignore it?

Dennis:  I believe because we’re too much in our head to be honest, we’re to cerebral sometimes and God doesn’t want us to throw our brains away.

Sid:  So our greatest asset is sometimes our greatest liability.

Dennis:  Yes, yes. I equate it and this is strange for a man to equate it but to really understand this to me it is like a woman that is pregnant carrying precious cargo.  She can go about her business in the office or at home but she is aware and that’s the key word to think utilize your brain, utilize your five senses in the hustle and bustle of life but always know that it’s dual listening and there’s an awareness there’s precious cargo.  And if it’s precious anything that’s upsetting down there is a red flag.  Any negative toxic emotion, anxiety even in its mildest form you want to get back to the place of peace that’s the normal Christian life.  That’s the Brother Lawrence practicing the presence.  Anything that comes between you and peace means it’s coming between you and Messiah.

Sid:  Give me an example of things that can come between you and Messiah.

Dennis:  Okay, here’s the favorite example.  You are walking in peace all day long and you think that you’re just having the time of your life. You go to the local grocery store and coming down the aisle the other way is your enemy someone whose really has it in for you, someone whose done you harm in the past and they’re walking towards you.  Invariably the way we do even as Christians in the flesh is down in the gut you put up a wall and you go “Oh, there’s Ralph coming down the aisle, I’m going to listen to him with my head, but I just put a wall up in my gut or my heart, or the door of my heart is another way to say it is closed to him.  And what we’re saying is “That is not the normal Christian life, that’s not a natural way to live, that’s something that’s fleshly,” but the natural way to live is to see Ralph coming, drop down into the gut area and presence God and feel His peace.  When His peace is ruling the scripture that actually takes place as an experience is the peace of God will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus it really, really works.  It’s not been tried though.

Sid:  Okay tell me the second step.

Dennis:   The second step would be when you feel a negative emotion coming from Ralph and you feel it in your gut you let, you feel the emotion, but your presenting it to the Christ in you and as you yield it to the forgiver in you, you let Him go to that feeling and through that feeling it’s like “Jesus walk through walls.”  Well, He’s walking through and carrying away that toxic emotion and the evidence that it was a supernatural exchange, or a supernatural transaction is that it changes to a supernatural peace and the peace that was given to us is supernatural.

Sid:  Okay, tell me about someone that say a Christian, and so it’s kind of hard for me to get this out of my mouth, a Christians but yet is living in sin and they say “I feel peace.”

Dennis:  Oh.

Sid:  What would you say?

Dennis:  I’d say “I could show them a test on how to found out if it was really peace, there’s a lot of false peace.”  False peace means I’m doing what I want to do, I have a peace about it you know.  That it’s almost become as if you have to take my word for it; but to a discerning person you could say you could simply tell them that there is in their so called peace there’s a hardness that is discernible.  In other words you can say “No, so many times that you be desensitize yourself to the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  So your conscious is seared.

Dennis:  Yeah.

Sid:  And that’s going on with a lot of people today.

Dennis:  Correct but a person of faith can be in their presence and I believe reactivate that hardness to where they can feel the presence of the true.  When I would call it displacement, in other words if I had peace ruling in my heart and you had hardness of heart I could release the love of God to you and even on that hardness of heart conviction could be re-stirred up again.  If not from that person’s relationship then from the outside; they need the legitimate to challenge the counterfeit in other words.

Sid:  Well, you know what’s so wonderful you have got such a simplistic course that by the time someone finishes this course they’ve developed the habit patterns of listening to their spirit.  They’ve gotten rid of all these toxic blockages especially in their emotional area and they can be normal as defined by the Bible.  Tell me the next step.

Dennis:   The next step is after that forgiveness there is an internal strength in whatever area that was, meaning that say it’s a recurring person.  Say you’re going to see Ralph regularly. You will notice what used to devastate now it irritates and later it becomes like water rolling off a back.  You are growing in spiritual prowess I actually called that the fruit of patience, patience is holding the heart open but getting stronger in the spirit all the time.  So repetitive situations you actually walk in a stronger anointing of displacement.

Sid:  You know I have to believe that when someone operates that way, and you’ve been operating that way for many years, even your enemies become your friends. Tell me about a real person that experienced that.

Dennis: Well, there was a young man pastor, very young and he didn’t like or understand some of the things I was teaching. He decided he didn’t name my name but he wrote three consecutive articles and it fit me so well I knew who he was talking about.  And it was public and that first time it devastated me I thought that I was going to just get sick in my stomach, just physically sick the first time, and I released forgiveness and it came to peace, but in the back of my mind said that there’s article number 2 coming next week.

Sid: (laughing)

Dennis: Article number two came next week it bothered me, article three came the third week and the love of God was flowing out of me and it was a finished work.

Sid: And the article was just knocking your teaching.

Dennis: Oh, it was knocking teaching, oh it was knocking teaching was knocking everything, false accusations but after those three times he basically, I would see him around town for as much as ten years and he went to a pastors meeting ten years later and broke down sobbing in front of all these pastors.  And said, “Ten years ago I personally attacked Dennis Clark,” he said and “He’s been nothing but a gentleman to me for ten years,” and he says, “I want to publically, publically acknowledge that I love that man, I believe what he’s teaching and he says I have even been a recipient of it.”

Sid: How would you like to walk in this kind of love, commune with God literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week, operate in supernatural discernment.  Hear God for yourself, walk in divine health, walk in this supernatural peace, you can do this with this entire course, book ten CDs available…

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