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Sid: I’ve got a woman that has witnessed with her very eyes, along with her husband, some of the greatest miracles we have ever seen on planet earth. Certainly has seen more miracles than any human alive, her name Francis Hunter. Francis in your book you talk about you talk about a man by the name of Gene Lilly, tell me about him.

Frances: The story of Gene Lilly is an incredible story because he had multiple sclerosis, he had diabetes, he had high triglycerides, he had high cholesterol, and the doctors had told him he was dying. He read…

Sid: Multiple sclerosis… I’m reading multiple sclerosis, paralyzed, diabetic…

Frances: Yes.

Sid: I mean it’s… dying you say?

Frances: Yes.

Sid: Okay and what happened?

Frances: And he read a book “How to Heal the Sick.”

Sid: I know that book we’re offering it this week. (Laughing) What a cue.

Frances: Hallelujah. He read the book and found out where we were going to be, and they brought him there. Now his children had never seen him out of a wheelchair. So when he came to the service we have a tremendous number of words of knowledge, and this happened at Disneyland of all places. We had a lot of word of knowledge, it seemed like it went right down his line, but it jumped over him. So finally I said “Well now if there’s anybody that still needs healing you just come forward.” He crawled on his hands and knees because he left his wheelchair home that night, and he thought “I’m gonna be healed so I won’t need a wheelchair.” He crawled down the aisle, and the ushers picked him and stood him up and I laid hands on him and I commanded all those things to be healed in Jesus name. He fell out under the power of God. While he was under the power of God he began to get feeling in his feet again for the first time in years. So finally the ushers picked him up again, and he crawled back down the aisle. Now I always say to people “I’m not moved by what I see here, feel, taste, touch, or smell. I am moved by what the word of God says. The word of God says ‘When I lay hands on the sick they shall recover.’” I want you to know 24 hours later Gene Lilly was totally healed of everything that was wrong with him.

Sid: What happened to his MS?

Frances: Disappeared.

Sid: What about his diabetes?

Frances: That was gone.

Sid: He was paralyzed, could he walk?

Frances: Yes! That was the first time his children had ever seen him walk. First time they had ever seen him out of a wheelchair. He went to the doctor the next morning, who was not a believer. He said to him “I got healed of diabetes last night” because he took his sugar the next morning and it was perfectly normal. The doctor said “Who healed you?” He said “Jesus” and the doctor said “Jesus who?” (Laughing) So he said “Jesus Christ the Son of God.”  Now that was 34 years ago and Gene Lilly is a Bishop in the Episcopalian Church in the Philippines.

Sid: Tell me in chapter 11 of your book you talk about healing through the use of prayer cloths. You talk about a baby’s grandmother that got ahold of one of your prayer cloths because her grandchild’s head was much larger than it was supposed to be, it was a water head.

Frances: Yes. You know the funny thing is, it’s the most amazing thing what will happen when people will just put their faith out enough to believe. In Acts 19:11, 12 God tells us that “God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul. So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs and aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.” Now we send prayer cloths out of our office every single day. I mean anybody that writes to us that they’re sick we send them back a little prayer cloth and tell them, I always tell them to put it next to their heart. Because every time their heart beats the power of God will go through that little cloth into their bodies. Every once in a while we have these unusual things, and a grandma wrote us from England I guess it was. She was telling us about a grandchild that had a water head, and had no hip sockets. So we prayed over this little prayer cloth and we always send out pink 2×2 little prayer cloths. Now remember it has to go from our office to the post office, to New York, then it flies across the ocean, but it doesn’t lose its power, that’s the thing people have to remember. The power of God is incredible, and of course we always end every pray in the name of Jesus, and the name of Jesus is above every disease that there is. So the grandma happened to be babysitting with the baby when the prayer cloth came. So she put the prayer cloth on the baby’s head and the water head went “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I don’t know how to really make the sound that a water head would make…

Sid: You did a good job.

Frances: Did I do a good job? Okay and the water head totally disappeared. Here’s the interesting thing, 6 weeks later she took her baby back to the clinic and they got so mad at her because they said “This isn’t the same baby you’ve been bringing in here because this baby doesn’t have a water head, he has perfect hip sockets.” All from a little prayer cloth that went across an ocean and was laid on… well the baby has little fists, you know how they sleep with their little fists up?

Sid: Yes.

Frances: She put that little prayer cloth in the inside of that little fist and that baby was totally healed of everything that was wrong with him. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever. You know the thing we all need to remember is that is true that name of Jesus carried power 2000 years ago and it carries that much power today.

Sid: Yes Francis, but you’re special you have all sorts of gifts of healing the average person can’t do that. Can they?

Frances: I don’t think I’m special, well I am special because I’m 90 years old and not many people get to be that old. God’s word says “Every believer” it makes no exceptions, “Every believer shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”

Sid: Listen here’s what I believe, and I’m gonna put you on the spot.

Frances: Okay.

Sid: You put people on the spot so I can do the same with you. Would you pray over every box of books that you send to me?

Frances: Yes.

Sid: And would you pray that the same anointing that was on that prayer cloth for that little child, that baby’s head and the hip socket, would you pray that same healing anointing would be on every one of your books “How to Heal the Sick” that we will then send out to those that are listening?

Frances: You know we’ll do more than you even ask. I won’t pray over every box; we will open every box and lay hands on every book.

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