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Sid: My guest James Durham has been a chaplain for almost 30 years in the U.S. Army, but as a young man I mean literally young 3 years of age he had his first 3rd Heaven experience. But in 2009 you had an experience where you went to heaven in which you received a commission; tell me about the vision and what happened.

James: Well Sid in the vision I was lifted up to a place that seemed very strange to me at first. I saw this huge old arch door; it had hinges on both sides there was absolute no way to open the door and I stood before that door wanting to get in. I knew that I should get in but I had no means of my own to do that. And as I waited I began to pray in the Spirit asking God to help me and the door suddenly swung open and I was drawn in to that place of the secret place of the Most High God. And getting inside to the place I encountered a cloud of His glory that came and surrounded me and I soaked in the glory. And the Lord commissioned me then to begin to come to heaven on a regular basis to be trained and prepared to invite other people to come to heaven themselves.

Sid: Now the thing that intrigues me is James has received teaching on how others can do exactly what he’s been doing. Now there’s been… when you had that experience a few days later you had another vision of the Throne Room, tell me about that.

James: I was lifted back up to that same place and as I was drawn into that secret place I was aware that it was not just that place. There was a staircase that led upward and the Spirit led me upward to that staircase and as I looked up I saw an open second level open heaven from this room and I saw Jesus standing there. And Jesus called me and said “Come up here now.” And I was instantly in His presence in heaven.

Sid: And what did He tell you?

James: He told me that He had several things that He wanted me to do. And one was He said to write a book about these experiences. And it kind of went against the grain and I always said that I would never write a book and I had to back off from the words that I had spoken.

Sid: Now why would you have said that?

James: I just never saw myself writing a book; I just didn’t think that it would ever happen.

Sid: Hmm, hm.

James:   So I constantly told people that I would never write a book. And the first thing that He asked me to do was write a book. And so I had to be obedient; the Lord said that for people to come to the 3rd heaven He’s going to give instructions and it’s necessary for them to obey the instructions and He was using me as an example. And so He gave me 3 commandments, things to do. The 1st one was to write the book; the 2nd one was to move. And at that time He didn’t tell me when and He didn’t say where and didn’t say how but as soon as I returned from that visit I started getting my house in order to get ready to move in obedience to the Lord. The 3rd thing he asked me to do was impart 3rd heaven visitation to other people. And I was very resistant about this because I was sharing the visions the things that had been happening to me and my experience was a lot of people thought I was about half crazy as I told them about all of these visions that I was having, the experiences that were happening. And I said “Lord, if I go back and tell people that I can impart to them 3rd heaven visitation they’re going to be convinced that I’m crazy.” And the Lord said “So who is it that you think you are?” And that was a very humbling moment and I said “I’m Your servant and I will do it.”

Sid: Okay, then a few days later you’re speaking at a Sunday service and do you decide to be obedient or did you just sit on it? (Laughing)

James: Well I asked the Lord that day “When?” And the Lord said “Sunday.” And to be obedient to the Lord I had to do it that coming Sunday and I obeyed the Lord.

Sid: What happened?

James: I decide to be obedient to the Lord and I released that impartation and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that some of them did immediately begin to have 3rd heaven experiences.

Sid: Now since that time obviously you have been praying for lots of other people for this impartation, what are you seeing?

James: I’ve seen literally 100’s of people who have had at least 1/3 heaven visit after the impartation.

Sid: Now you say something that to me that is important but I don’t totally understand it; I have not gone to heaven yet. You say that there is a need to develop our character before this occurs.

James:   Yes that is correct the Lord was teaching me that not really on that visit but on subsequent visits that we really need to renew our minds. We need to root out all bitterness, unforgiveness, strife, doubt and then we need to rebuild our character.

Sid: Why are so many people having 3rd heaven experiences?

James: I believe that time is very short; we are living in the last days John said in his first letter we are living in the last hour. I believe that the Lord is preparing His bride lf Christ for His return. And the experience that I had in the 3rd heaven was to get training in instruction, correction and I believe that is what the Lord is wanting to do with the Body of Christ.

Sid: Why is it that some people do and some people do not?

James: Well I asked the Lord that on one of the 3rd heaven visits and the Lord said the number 1 reason that some people do not have the 3rd heaven visit is grace. He is going to give them specific things that He wants them to do and there are some that are not ready to obey. And if He gives them specific direction in heaven and they do not obey then a judgment will come quickly. He does not want to set people up for judgment; He wants to continue to give them grace so He waits until people are ready.  

Sid: Now out of curiosity let’s assume right now you went to the 3rd heaven; will you ask a question, will you just soak in the glory, will you just be taught; what’s the norm if there is such a thing?

James: I wanted to say yes to all of the above.

Sid: (Laughing) Okay.

James: Because on some visits I say absolutely nothing; I’ve gone intending to ask questions but in the presence of the Lord I was in such awe of the Lord I couldn’t remember the questions and wound up saying absolutely nothing during that visits. I’ve also gone at times when the Lord was conducting a class; usually there’s a number of people present in the class when he teaches.

Sid: When you say a number how many would you say

James: I’d say 30 or 40.

Sid: Did you recognize any of them?

James: I have recognized a few of them.

Sid: Could you tell me one.

James: Well I rather not mention the names of anyone but some of the people that we’ve mentored I’ve seen a couple of them there.

Sid: Now these are people that have had 3rd heaven experiences?

James: Some have and some are not aware of having 3rd heaven visit yet I saw them there.

Sid: Okay, a million dollar question. Why did God choose you to teach people how to go to 3rd heaven?

James: I believe the Lord chose me because basically I was unknown; I’m just an average every day person and I think the Lord chose someone that if others heard about heaven would say “If he can go, I can go.” If someone is really famous or someone with a big name goes everyone says “Well of course, that’s who they are.” But if someone unknown just an average person visits heaven it tells people “I can do that too.”

Sid: …briefly explain what you teach.

James: What I teach in that is God had such a heart of love for us that He wanted to manifest Himself to us and teach us about His attributes and help us to get deep relationship with Him to come into unity of His Spirit and so He made a very dramatic move to be able to come to us 7 different stages of glory beginning on the mountain top meeting with Moses. And coming down eventually through Yeshua His glory was personally manifested in Yeshua and the in the coming of the Holy Spirit. Then the Lord wants us to be drawn back to Him through 7 levels of glory. And the Lord revealed to me that first of all, that 7th level of Him coming down the Holy Spirit is really our first level of connecting to go back to Him. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is really the first level of glory we experience of God. Then from there like on the first day of Pentecost we go through empowering glory; up to gifted glory to joy to Shalom to intimacy, and then finally unity.

Sid: You know on tomorrows broadcast I want you to explain what the glory really is because as I understand the glory that is the age that we’re living in right now that we can be walking in this glory. And people wherever we are the glory shows up and their healed and someone’s back and neck was just healed in Jesus Name. But the thing “Beyond the Ancient Door,” and “The 7 Levels of Glory,” and the 3 CD teaching will equip you with prayers of impartation to enter into the glory realm; enter the secret place, enter the 3rd heaven. This is your moment; aren’t you tired of just reading about what other people are doing; it’s the last act of the last play just before the conclusion and you’re being called; what are you going to do about it?

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