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Sid: My guest Dr. Reggie Anderson; he tells me that he’s been to heaven more than once. As a matter of fact we haven’t talked about that Dr. Anderson. Tell me about the vision you had of your dad who had died.

Dr. Anderson: Well my father was an elderly man of about 82 and he was very very sick. I was one of doctors involved in taking care of him because he had been transferred over to the small hospital for rehab. I was the only doctor on staff at that time. Dad either needed more transfusions to keep him alive or make a choice of not doing anything and he would be going to heaven shortly. And I was struggling with this whole concept of being the son or taking care of my father as a doctor. So I told Karen I was having trouble you know being his doctor and you know making medical decisions at the same time as trying to be a son. So I went to sleep that night praying that God would give me peace. So I fell into deep sleep again and started dreaming and I saw this cathedral in front of me and I was walking up this path and I walked through the door into the northex. And I looked up into the right and there was construction workers working on this new addition to this cathedral and there was a man at the top of the stairs and he was giving instructions on what to do; and where to sand and what to paint. And I walked to the bottom of the stairs and I spoke to him I said “Hello how are you?” And then a young man turned and he was my father but instead of being an 82 year old he was 30 and he smiled at me and I knew exactly what he was doing. He was there overseeing the construction of his room; his room in the mansion that was to be where he would be. And it was filled with everything that he loved. There were fish swimming in the pool of water; there was everything he loved and there was a sense of baking bread. And I just felt like this is his home. I mean this is his room in our forever home. And I woke up from that dream and I was elated and I told Karen about it. I felt like I can let my father go because I know that my real Father, my spiritual Father God Almighty, was preparing a place for him and that he would be in the arms of Jesus real soon.

Sid: Reggie, throughout the entire interview I’ve done with you I’ve felt an amazing presence of God. And the best way I can describe it is peace; is that what you were feeling after that dream?

Dr. Anderson: Absolutely there’s nothing more peaceful than whenever we are able to be with Jesus.

Sid: Okay, there are people listening to us right now maybe they didn’t have the same tragedy you had in your life. I mean two of your best friends they were almost family to you. They were murdered, the wife was murdered in a very brutal fashion, and you turned your back on God. There are many people that have experienced tragedy to be human is to experience tragedy; what advice do you have for them?

Dr. Anderson: Well I’m also very closely related to Steve; Steven Curtis Chapman and Mary Beth and the tragic events surrounding their life with Maria’s passing. We were very involved in that. And the one thing…

Sid: One of the as I understand it from having read about it in the newspapers one of the sons backed over and killed the youngest daughter.

Dr. Anderson: Yes, it was an accident in their driveway; and so and that tragic event it can devastate a family, but what I noticed that was different like I did as a teenager during the tragic events surrounding my friends being murdered and I running from God, we as a family the Chapman’s and the Anderson’s ran toward God. God opened His arms and He helped heal us. So instead of us you know; you know we still miss Maria even to this day, but we know exactly where she is because God has opened so many doors to let us view the special places where she is. He’s given us bread crumbs of hints of where she is and so we are all anticipating that moment where our time of the veil parting and us being able to being reunited with our loved ones.

Sid: You say that we basically have two choices when tragedy occurs, what are they?

Dr. Anderson: Well we can either run from God or we can run toward God. And running toward God gives us a whole lot more peace and healing than the opposite.

Sid: I am just so fascinated with the whole concept; the wonderful concept of when a real Christian dies. And you’ve been with 100’s; you’ve held their hands as their spirit leaves their body. Tell me about the person that collapsed on the tennis court.

Dr. Anderson: Right, I was… the children were doing swimming lessons at an athletic place and I would go in and I would work out. And so I walked in that day and the person at the front desk said “Aren’t you a doctor?” And I said “Yes.” And they said “Well that man just collapsed on the tennis court.” So I ran straight toward him and two other men met me there simultaneously and I introduced myself and said I’m an ER doctor and we need to do CPR do you anything about how to resuscitate anybody? And one was a Cardiologist and one was an Anesthesiologist. So this man collapsed in front of 3 well trained doctors and even though it was not the best place to do CPR we all 3 took our specialties and performed CPR on the tennis court. And the ambulance came and we chocked his heart and got it back in rhythm and the Cardiologist took him to the hospital that he worked at and they did 4 vessel by pass on the gentleman. So 2 weeks after the gentleman was in the hospital getting his heart surgery the wife came to my home and brought a gift of a glass heart and a basket. And I said “I don’t expect any gifts.” She says to me “Yeah but you gave me a gift back, you gave my husband back to me for a short time.” And I said “No, I didn’t but God allowed 3 doctors to be there in a miraculous way to bring him back.” And she just said “I just want to thank you because we’ve spent enough last few weeks reminiscing over our life and we hope to have whatever time God gives us left together here on earth we’re going to spend telling others about Jesus.”

Sid: What would you say to someone that says “I know I’m a Christian, I know that I’ll be in heaven but I am so fearful of death?”

Dr. Anderson: You know there is nothing to fear because the places I’ve been everyone that I have experienced the opening of the veil with have looked up and smiled as Jesus took them. So I would just encourage you to read scripture about how heaven opens its doors and there’s nothing to fear because it is the most amazing place that we’re going to spend forever in.

Sid: Now your book is really brand new but what kind of feedback are you getting from your book called “Appointments with Heaven?”

Dr. Anderson: I’m getting some really great feedback both from Christians and from non-Christians. Atheists have actually written me and have expressed kind of a crack in their belief system that maybe there is something else out there. So and that’s what I’m hoping for I was hoping that you know non-believers as well as believers would pick this book up and realize there is a God and that He loves us greatly.

Sid: Okay, his book “Appointments with Heaven.” My book the 10 top interviews that I’ve done over a lifetime of people that have died and come back to report what heaven is like. And one even what hell was like. Those 2 books plus a special DVD in which Dr. Anderson and I answer the hardest most difficult questions you have about heaven…

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