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HAKEEM: I believe we have a dimension and a revelation that we can move in the revelation and move in the volume of our prophecy. We can become our dream. This is such an hour as we align ourselves with heavens view. We will begin to see I believe in this hour prophetic vision will begin to open up. Just lift your hands, those who are watching, just lift your hands. I just want to release such an ability right now, just lift your hands. There is a tangible anointing. There is an angel that’s in this area. There is an angel that is around you. Everyone has an angel. Everyone has been assigned. And I believe that some of our angels are unemployed because we stopped praying. Some of our angels are unemployed because we stopped speaking but I believe right now that even as your hands are lifted God is going to release your angels. They’re going to make every crooked place straight. He said He made His angel winds and He made His minister a flame of fire. I believe there is a glory that is being  released right now. I believe there is an anointing, a tangible anointing that’s being  released right now. I speak prophetically right now there’s a tangible glory that is being  release. Your angels, these winds, I feel winds right now, those who are watching you’re going to feel the winds of God, you’re going to feel your angels. They are getting ready to be assigned to your word. They’re going to begin to be assigned to your prophecy, to your dream. Father right now I release prophetically over your people, those who are watching right now, the day will begin to cause their angels to excel in strength. They will begin to marshal and they will begin to protect and they will go. Father, there’s gifts and anointing’s that are being  released right now. I prophesy over those that are watching, those that are here, Father I release a grace and an ability that they will begin to know that You have more for them. This, this will be a season where they will know that there is more with them than is against them. Father I thank you that as new mantles of faith there’s an anointing on me like Enoch that is being  released that You’re taking them to a new level of faith. You’re causing them to ascend to a new level of glory. That you will cause them to prophecy and to speak life. To speak those things that be not as though they are. We will co-partner with heaven and we will begin to declare what You are saying. Father, I release right now, some of you right now you’re thinking about your children, you’re thinking about your grandchildren, you’re thinking about those loved ones and I just release right now, just lift your hands. God is going to begin to cause your angels to cause salvation to be released to your loved ones. I believe prophetically that your loved one’s going to be touched with the glory of God right now! I see supernatural mass, personal revival coming to some loved ones, some children, some grandchildren. I release right now there’s even a healing anointing that’s in this place. Angels of healing is being released. Father right now I release healing virtue that will be released right now! Even someone right now, even diabetes, I hear the Lord saying I’m going to begin to heal you from diabetes. I am breaking diabetes right now off of you right now. There’s someone with a kidney, there’s something with their abdominal, their kidney issues right now the Lord is releasing healing right now. He’s touching your stomach area. Someone that’s watching right now God is healing you from hypertension and high blood pressure, it’s almost like I sense a stroke on the left side, a stroke God is healing you! We release angels of healing right now! We send the Word right now! We prophesy healing right now! Right now you’re feeling the heat. There’s someone right now in this place that you even got a bad report in regards to even some, it look like, it look like a colon, in your colon, even a male, God is touching you right now in your colon right now! There’s no, there’s no, you’re going to feel heat in your stomach. God is touching you right now! Father I thank You. Just lift your hands. Father I just thank You for the healing. I speak the Word, the power of the spoken Word, there’s someone right now I even sense where there even there was an accident, even while I’m here I feel burning in my knees, there’s an accident of some sort, of your knees and someone with knee problems right now and God is healing your knee right now! Creative miracles. Even your tendons, your muscles and your bones I command that they’ll be healed right now in the name of Jesus! Your bones are now coming together! Your knees are coming together healing! Oh I just see where someone has excess fluid, there’s excess fluid. It’s almost like you know it’s overweight or something of that sort. But God is healing you! I see supernatural weight loss right now! In the name of Jesus we decree and declare right now Holy Spirit have Your way! I see the winds of God is blowing right now! Angels of the Lord are camped around this place! When I use the word angels of the Lord are camped around that word camped around it talks about the angels. When you see it in the scriptures that the angels of the Lord are camped around you. In other words the assignment of the angel is to make everything beautiful.




HAKEEM: To make things new! Whatever’s been out of order it’s going to become in order! So right now just lift up your hands. Father I just release right now in this place and those who are watching Father that there will be such an ability where Your angels will now encamp around Your people. Father anything that’s been out of line, anything that’s been out of order, anything that’s been in disorder we decree and declare that the angels are now encamped around Your people and they making things beautiful! They’re beautifying things. Father I thank You right now even as Jesus sent the word to the centurion’s servant, Father, and in that same hour they were healed, I release the Word of healing! Even someone with kidneys, there’s someone with your kidneys. Lord, it’s healing! And even I see gallstones, something with gallstones. I’m not an expert in this area, I’m not a doctor but by the spirit I see something with gallstones and the Lord is removing supernaturally those gallstones right now! I see where the Lord is even healing you right now those who are watching with gallstones. He is causing the gallstones to supernaturally be removed! You’re not going to have no issue. Right now I release healing right now by the power of God! I send the Word! Right now someone with even some there’s headaches, there’s chronic headaches, there’s chronic migraines, it’s almost like even when you’re at work it’s hard to see, something with your vision, even now and the Lord is healing the, just receive it, Father right now I release healing right now for those that have chronic headaches and migraines. Let Your healing release! Let Your water of Your Spirit be released! Father I thank You right now for healing virtue it’s being  released right now. That even headaches, those pains right now it’s going in Jesus’ name! We command right now that healing virtue is being  released by the power of God!




JEREMY: Oh, yes arthritis, and I know we talked about it, but there’s arthritis. I sense it in the hands. Sometimes your hands even will sometimes move. Your fingers, Lord, is releasing even the pressure in the knuckles in your hand I just release healing right now. Arthritis I command you to go in the name of Jesus! I command you to leave right now! This is not their report! This is not their portion! So Father I thank You for this season where they’re being healed! If you believe that come on just give God a shout and give God a praise!




HAKEEM: Those who are watching you know God has healed you! You can check that area. You can touch that area. God is healing you! He sent His Word! You don’t need a prophet to lay hands on you! You don’t need an evangelist to lay hands on you! Right now you just need heaven to touch you! I believe heaven is about to lay hands on you! Heaven is about to touch you! This is a season where we’re about to see a miracle release and revival that we have never known before!




HAKEEM: The Bible says in Matthew chapter 12, verse 37: For by your words you will be acquitted and by your words you will be condemned. I believe that in this hour that what we say, what we speak we have to be able to be governors and good stewards over it because what we speak we can be judged by it. And so what we speak we can also condemn others. I believe even prophetically that God is using the prophetic gift and the prophetic anointing and the prophetic spirit not to tear down people but to use it as a vehicle to release the heart of the Father to build up people! I always say that the prophetic is for construction, not destruction.




HAKEEM: Whenever you receive a prophetic word from God and it is a true word from God it should not allow you to leave that place if it’s a true word of God it should not allow you to leave depressed. It should not allow you to want to end it all. It should want to build you and establish you. That is the power of prophecy. That’s the power of the spoken word! Even Ezekiel had to understand that when he was in this condition and he saw this condition it broke his heart. I believe that God is placing upon the Church a new burden. He’s giving us His burden and He’s going to show us things and He’s going to allow us to feel things. As a seer I feel things and I sense things and I see things. God uses our bodies as that vessel and as that channel where He can get our attention. It’s those things that He allows you— you know some of us have been like, you know like Isaiah. Lord, here I am use me! Lord, here I am send me! But then when the phone call comes we’re not answering it.



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