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DAVID: Now I want to tell a story real briefly. There was a man who was teaching his daughter to pray. And well, teaching her to pray he would guide her each night. And then he decides I’m going to allow her to pray on her own just so she can learn to talk to God. So one night he’s passing by her room and he puts his ear to the door and he listens in on her prayers. She’s not praying. She’s saying the alphabet singing in A, B, C, D E F G. This happens for two or three nights. And he says, eventually I have to go and tell her that this is not how you pray. So he goes and talks to her. He says, “Sweetie, listen, we talked about talking to God and you’re saying the alphabet, but you have to actually talk to God.” She says, “Daddy, I am talking to God, except I just give him the alphabet. And then he can arrange the letters however he wants.”

DAVID: That’s what you do when you’re praying in tongues, the Holy Spirit can only fill what is empty. If I’m praying words of understanding, I’m praying words with meaning and my intention attached to those words. But when I pray syllables and sounds without meaning, I’m praying surrendered syllables, and sounds that the Holy Spirit can fill. It’s by faith. Leave it to the Holy Spirit, to hide the power of God like that behind such a childlike act of faith.

DAVID: Now, when it comes to receiving that gift, we have to stop believing this lie that is not within our control. The greatest revelation someone can receive when trying to receive this gift and overcome that blockage is the fact that you are in control of the gift. Why would Paul the apostle devote a whole chapter first Corinthians 14, a whole chapter to how to control the gift, if the gift could not be controlled? The key, then, stop overthinking it. Stop analyzing it. Stop questioning it. Jesus said, if you asked for the Holy Spirit, I’m not going to give you something else. Trust him, trust his word. And you release the sounds as you release the sounds in faith the Holy Spirit comes and adds his meaning. Everything we do that is spiritual is a partnership with God, a blend between the practical and the supernatural. If you will do the difficult, God will do the impossible.

SID: I want you to pray, to release the presence of God on you, that we would hunger and thirst for this oneness. This surrender to the Spirit.

DAVID: Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for that one receiving this now. And I ask you to set their hearts on fire. You said in your word that the Holy Spirit is the one who sets our hearts on fire for Jesus, with love. And I ask you now to let the fire, some of you are sensing, I can sense it right now. Some of you are sensing like a strong heat coming on you. Some of you are sensing like electricity. Don’t be afraid. That’s the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is the real deal. And I want you to receive that right now. Father, in the name of Jesus, let them sense that power from on high, strengthen them and stir the desires of the spirit, such as never before. Take them, beyond what they can imagine and pull them into the depths of the Holy Ghost. In the name of Jesus, we pray. I want you to say because you believe it, say, “Amen.”

SID: Amen.

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