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Jonathan Cahn

Sid: Open your this is Rosh Hashanah we are coming to Yom Kippur, the Day of Judgment. Rosh Hashanah is the warning, and I have a Messianic Jewish rabbi by the name of Jonathan Cahn who I’ve known many years. He’s rabbi of Beth Israel Congregation in Garfield, New Jersey. Jonathan I heard a message you gave called the “Harbinger” or the “Warnings.” It had to do with 911, and it had to do with the ancient historic pattern of God’s warnings before judgment with Israel. I want you to explain this to our Mishpochah.

Jonathan: We’re gonna talk about the future of America, and the very specific signs that the Lord gives to a nation when He is calling it back to Him; when it’s at critical juncture to come back, or to be saved, to have a revival, or for judgment. This is something that goes back to the days of ancient Israel. The pattern is this, ancient Israel you know in the northern part of it went completely into apostasy.  God sent prophets to them and warned them and called them but they continued to depart from them. They offered up their children in sacrifice, they turned the gods of Baal, Ashtoreth, and all the rest. Finally the Lord allowed the beginning of judgment to come; even in this He was merciful and that is He allowed first an initial attack, an initial incursion into the nation. He allowed Assyria to come in to cause a devastation but to contain it. It was a limited scale devastation, then it was to shake up a nation. That was then followed up by a grace period. Would they repent, would they take this as a sign to turn back to God, or would they continue to depart from God? Now if they turn back there’d be revival God would save and bless them, but if they kept going and ignored the signs given them then there would be a worse disaster. There would be catastrophe ultimately complete devastation. What happened in the case of northern Israel is they said “No we are not repenting, in fact we are even go farther, we’re gonna be stronger, we’re gonna rebuild, and we’re gonna show that we cannot be humbled.” So they did this and eventually soon not long after came a giant devastation. The northern kingdom was completely destroyed they were taken into captivity it became the 10 lost tribes. It was because they did not recognize the signs that were given and the voice that was given by God. Now the key verse in this is Isaiah 9, which is we know it as the Christmas verse the birth of Messiah, but it also says this in verse 8 very key “The Lord sends a message against Jacob it falls upon Israel. All the people know it Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria who say in the pride and in arrogance of heart: “The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with cut stones;
The sycamore have been cut down, But we will replace them with cedars.” Just keep in mind that scripture. What they’re saying is “No matter what God does, no matter what happens to us we’re going to rebuild we are going to be stronger.” So this is the beginning of key prophetic signs, which I’m gonna link to America in a moment. Now the key signs; there’s about 8 signs here:

  1. The bricks have fallen – fallen bricks
  2. We will rebuild
  3. We’re gonna rebuild stronger and greater
  4. We’re gonna replace those fallen bricks with something strong and it’s gonna be quarried stone – we’re gonna rebuild with quarried stone

Now let’s hold it right there. Now, 911, September 11th, came the devastation the World Trade Center, New York, and Washington.  It was a prophetic sign it was filled with that. It was the pattern, the pattern of judgment is first God is pleading with a nation, God has pleaded with America to turn back to come back. Then finally after many many pleadings He allows the hedge of the nation to breached, He allows an initial attack. He allows the enemy to come in cause devastation to shake up a nation, but to do it on a limited scale, it is a warning. Then comes the period of grace, or the period of the choice, is the nation gonna turn back to God or not. After 911 there was an awful lot of talk about God.

Sid: It was what I call the 30 day wonder the churches were packed for 30 days, then after 30 days it was if it never happened.

Jonathan: Exactly Sid. Now it’s 2 things: It was like a judgment, on the other hand it gives a sense a shadow of what the revival could be. During those 30 days, and I agree with you was about 30 days, you could talk to anybody about the Lord everybody just about everybody was open.  They were coming they were asking, people were receiving Bibles. It’s a shadow of a revival that could be. The interesting thing is that it’s not a question of judgment or revival it may be both, it may be, and that’s what I believe it’s gonna be. There will be judgment and in that judgment will be revival. Let me go with that. You have those 4 signs, now what happened after September 11th the first thing is the bricks have fallen. Well I’m here around ground zero, and it was covered with fallen bricks, okay. Secondly there was vow to rebuild “We will rebuild” they started talking “We will rebuild.” The third thing is “We’re going to rebuild stronger and higher.” So they started talking about “We’re going to build a freedom tower, it’s going to go higher than the World Trade Center.” Even Donald Trump got into a whole controversy recently saying “It’s going to be higher, and we’re gonna do this whole big thing.” The final key of that first part of it is that it says “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with quarried stone.” What happened was, and this was only a year ago this the July 4th before last. Leaders gathered from you know the Governor of New York, the mayor they all gathered to Ground Zero to begin this rebuilding. Now according to the pattern of Israel the rebuilding began with quarried stone. What happened was over Ground Zero they had an object was lowered from the sky it was a giant quarried stone. The stone was in Hebrew, there’s a word “gazeet” it means taken particularly; cutout of a mountain rock. The stone was cutout of the mountain rocks of New York; they called it the Freedom Stone they made a big deal; they praised it as the magnificent stone and “With this stone we’re gonna rebuild higher and stronger, this is going to mark the rebuilding of America.” So without realizing it they were following the exact pattern of the beginning of it. Every sign here is going to be fulfilled with precision, but they followed the beginning that they said “This is going to rebuild Ground Zero, this is going to rebuild New York, and it’s going to rebuild America, all on that.” Another thing, when you read the ancient commentaries on this verse, this critical moment in Israel’s history, they all speak about… they use the word “Spirit of defiance.” Instead of being humbled by what happened they’re saying “We’re gonna be stronger in what we do, and we’re not gonna take any sign, we’re gonna be more defiant.” Well on that day when they pronounced their… you know the leaders were praising this whole thing. One of them said, a very famous leader said “We are the heirs of the spirit of defiance.” Used the exact words in all the commentaries about what they did.

Sid: Hmm.

Jonathan: This is the first part of the sign, the first harbingers, and that is that the nation instead of being humbled to revival shakes its fist at God. If you look at just what it said after 30 days if America has not moved closer to God we move farther. America as a whole… now there’s revival happening around the world and in the midst, but in that period since 911 we… the Supreme Court struck down all the sodomy laws, another court case sought to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance, the Ten Commandments was struck down. We have not been moving closer we said “God bless America, God bless America” that’s not the message. The message is: “America you better bless God.”

Sid: Jonathan what is your spin on hurricane Katrina why did that happen?

Jonathan: Well it’s interesting you know it happened around the same time, summer time, as 911. It happened actually during the Hebrew month of Elul which is the month that is given for warning and getting ready to meet God, where the trumpet is sounded every day and the nation is called to repentance. That’s when 911 happened and that’s when this happened. I believe God is calling America and if we don’t listen to the lesser judgments He will call us with greater judgments.

Sid: Do you know what the word Katrina means? Purity

Jonathan: Yes.

Sid: If that isn’t prophetic I don’t know what is.

Jonathan: On New Orleans of all places. You know we have to weep with those who weep, and we have to pray for the survivors, but we also have to be aware of the signs of the times. New Orleans is certainly a center of great defiance to God and this country.

Sid: How much more mercy can God have?

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah. Well He’s long suffering. That’s why He waits and we say “Lord why?” At the same time we don’t want judgment, but the point is that sometimes the only way to save us is through judgment. Most of us don’t come to the Lord because you know we had good times, most of us came to the Lord because we got shaken up. So it’s really God’s mercy on America to allow these things to call us back to Him.

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