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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. James Maloney he’s a Professor at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. And Jim all this week has been telling me how God has used him in the miracle ministry but we haven’t talked a whole lot about how God uses him in the prophetic ministry. You were telling me when I rudely cut you off because that’s all the time the station would give us on yesterday’s broadcast about the first time you prophesied tell me about that again.

James: Well I was Sid 18 years of age I was young bible school student at Christ for the Nations. The minister that was teaching that evening just said “Any of you students feel led of the Lord to step out and let the Lord use you as a mouth piece.” And so I just stepped out and went up to a young lady and it was a little bit humorous because I put my hand on her forehead and said “Okay God give me a word.” And nothing was coming and then I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit say “You step out and as you step out then I will fill your lips with My word.” And so it’s kind of difficult because you know you don’t want to make a mistake but I stepped out and when I did the Lord gave me a very specific word of knowledge and a prophetic word for her. And I said “When your mother and father forsake you the Lord will raise you up and you made a decision to come to this school and you even had to…” It sort of rolled out of my spirit.

Sid: Now you could easily be wrong on that.

James: Well I went on to say that she had also given up your fiancée to some to this Bible School but the Lord wants you to know that you made the right decision and the Lord’s got one for you.

Sid: For the first prophesy you really stepping out.

James: Well it was specific and it was great because what she did was she just shook and she just fell on her knees and just began to sob and sob and sob. And said “Lord that’s just exactly what I needed to here that’s exactly what I needed to hear.” And so when that happened it was like I word it this way to the students at the Christ for the Nations, when I share this, rockets went off in my spirit. And I just began to step out and then I did a lot of fasting and I did a lot of praying and I would get a burden or sensing a flow of love or compassion when I look upon a person then I would go to that person and I would pray for them the Lord would give me a revelation. Actually that’s how my wife and I got together because 6 months prior to meeting her personally I’d given her a word.

Sid: What was that?

James: Well I went up to her and told her “I’ve got a word for you.” And so I laid my hand upon her and I said “Truly the Lord saw you this morning underneath the tree by the picnic table and you were crying out to God and you were saying “Will I have a ministry among My people?” And the Lord would say “Yeah My daughter you have a ministry among My people and the Lord would further say “You’ll marry a traveling minister and have 2 children and travel all over the world.” And tears streamed down her eyes and I said “Isn’t that a great word sister God bless you and…

Sid: And you had no thought at that time that would be your wife?

James: I didn’t know who she was no.

Sid: And so you were prophesying about yourself and didn’t even know it.

James: Yeah and latter on I married her.

Sid: Some prophet (Laughing).

James: I tell the students at Christ for the Nations “Don’t you do that same thing.”

Sid: Well I’m going to ask you to take a step out.

James: Sure.

Sid: I want you to take a step out in the Spirit and just speak whatever God shows you.

James: Well I just sense Sid that there are many that are listening that you know there’s so much that you’re going through and in my heart I’m just sensing the compassion of Jesus going through my spirit. And I know that there is somebody listening that you have children and this really breaks my heart children that are laboring under disease or sickness and I just want to the mom’s and dad’s right now to reach out and just in faith maybe put your hand upon the radio and say I want to use this radio as a point of contact. And I believe there is a mom and a dad that has a little boy that has a blood disorder and the Lord wants that little boy to be healed. And I want to say also that there’s a little girl that has a real severe learning disorder and the Lord can touch her mind and quicken her in Jesus name. And I just want all of you to just right now just believe I’m prophesying this you know the Lord loves you with an everlasting love and I decree that He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. He wants you whole spirit, soul and body. And I just speak right now in Jesus name as I reach out to these people that are listening that are being touch with or without a word of knowledge Lord You know where they’re at let these words of knowledge and these words of wisdom create faith for those that are listening because I do sense that there are many that are in need of a touch. I know that right now. I sense that there’s a lady that is under therapy, under chemotherapy right now and she has had already a radical vasectomy and it’s in the lymph nodes and the Lord wants you to be healed. I think that there’s a lady that needs to put her hand underneath her arm there are lumps that are disappearing in Jesus name we’re believing that right now that you are being made whole. And there’s some parents that have I believe a child that has a severe asthmatic condition right now a little boy. And the little boy is around 10 or 11 years of age and this has been a severe problem and the Lord wants that little boy healed, and this is a point of contact and you can pray for him and just receive that healing in Jesus mighty name. I see a little girl that has a severe scoliosis of the spine, this has been debilitating excruciating pain we’ve seen many people healed of this where the Lord has just recreated reconstructed the spinal columns and in Jesus name I believe the little girl needs to grow about an inch and half – 2 inches. And so just right now just agree with me that your little girl is being touched and I just see severe headaches migraine headaches it is incredibly debilitating you need that healing virtue of the Lord right now because this thing is really you’ve labored under it and so we just proclaim healing in the mighty name of Jesus.

Sid: You know I feel the anointing all over my heard right now and that’s telling me that people that need healing anywhere in the head whether it’s specific words like migraine headaches that Jim has just mentioned or whether it’s tumors or anything in your head I tell you it’s yours take it. Hearing, allergies of any sort anything in the head it’s yours in Jesus name.

James: Amen just point your hand on any area of your body you that are listening just any area of your body somebody needs a severe creative miracle within their knee. And I sense that the lady’s got in the back of her knee a swelling in the arteries and blood clots and the Lord… just put your hands behind your knees. Wherever you’re hurting, your vexed, you’re oppressed you’re in pain just put your hands upon it that area because the Lord want to touch you right now and heal you. And we’ve seen 1000’s upon 1000’s no exaggeration of people that people as they laid their body they were set free in Jesus mighty name. And upon your heart somebody needs many of you need a healing in your heart right now your heart is irregular it’s not beating correctly a valve situation, whatever it is on your head as Sid shared just the Lord said I sense just like Sid like a spiritual oil that is just flowing down someone’s head right now like a warmth like a spiritual oil that’s covering them right now. Wherever you’ve got your hands upon your body you’ll sense the anointing there is no distance in the spirit realm Your sending forth Your word and healing me right now and You’re a God that heals Your Jehovah Rapha and just receive that just like a little child and the Lord will touch you and set you free. And many of you will experience an instant miracle begin to do something that you weren’t able to do and I mean it were a knee problem, or you were in accident and you couldn’t move your knee without pain begin to move your knee. Or move your back, bend your back, move that shoulder right now just whatever you weren’t able to do without discomfort or pain just begin to do it and you’ll see that many of you are getting touched I just sense a mass flow of anointing going forth right now in Jesus mighty name.

Sid: Amen boy I sure can feel it just very briefly Jim what do you see happening in the United States in the near future?

James: Well I believe Sid, that that’s a loaded question right there, but I believe that whatever we’re facing domestically and internationally I just think that the people of God as well as the people in the nation they just need to rally you know behind one and another and support and be a person or people of prayer. I believe that we’re going to experience some difficult times, things are being shaken that will shake as the Bible speaks but God is our source and if they’ll just put their eyes upon the Lord they’ll meet all of their need. And I believe that we’re going to experience prayerfully through all of the international domestic issues that we may be facing as difficult as they may be but I’m praying that God will use those things to turn people’s hearts towards Him.

Sid: Will there be a giant revival in America?

James: That’s what I’m believing Sid. I really believe that. I believe that the Bible speaks “Where sin abounds grace does more abound.” But though gross darkness is covering the face of the whole world as it says in Isaiah 60 “Yet the light of God is going to shine.”

Sid: I agree…

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