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LADONNA: Time for the prayer, he did bow his head, he was reverent. And as he was just waiting, he felt that 2 men, 1 on each side, picked him up out of the dust. And He thought that was very kind. After the prayer, he turned to say, “Thank you.” And of course, no one was there. He looked down, he was standing on his legs.

SID: Um.

LADONNA: Now, Sid, that man just was crazy. He came running to the platform, I remember it as if it were yesterday.

SID: So, the 2 men were Angels.

LADONNA: They were Angels.

SID: Wow!

LADONNA: The power of God, lifted Karimu.

SID: Have you ever seen an Angel?

LADONNA: I’ve never seen an Angel.

SID: Well, I did. I was on my way, I believe it was to Siberia, or Russia many, many years ago. And that was before we had our cell phones. And it was a pay phone, and I had to use to use a certain code to dial. And there was someone in the next booth, and I thought, “Well, he’s looking at my code, so I’m going to cover this up.” And I looked at him, probably gave him a dirty look, and I called. And I keep looking at him you know, “What is he watching me so much for?” And then I turned around, and he’s not there. And so I turn around, there’s a long, long; you know at airports, they have these long corridors. Well, he couldn’t have gone anywhere because it was just second when I turned around and I would have seen him. So, I understand that, okay. But I didn’t go quite as berserk as this guy, I’m sure. [laughs]

LADONNA: [laughs] What was so beautiful, of course, everyone knew him. When he came to the platform, he grabbed the microphone from my father, and he was; like he was in a frenzy. He was shaking that microphone, and he was shouting to the people, “It’s true, it’s true, it’s true; Jesus is alive! He’s alive! How could He do this to me if He were not alive?” And of course, the crowd went wild. It was just a marvelous, marvelous Miracle. And you know, we followed that man until he finally passed away years later. But he became just a notable Evangelist in Nigeria after that healing. And my mother gave him a new name. He came to her and he said, “I want a Christian name; Kati Mu is a Muslim name.” And she said, “I give you the name, Cornelius, the healed man of God.

SID: I’ll tell you, at Passover, where we say, “It would have been enough if God had just done this!” You know, “It would have been enough if that was all that God did.” [laughs]

LADONNA: Yes. [laughs]

SID: I have to tell you this, that when the Osborn’s, shared how they went from total failure to; let me read this quote from the Historians. The Historians tell us that, “The Osborn’s had more Miracles than anyone in history.” And a lot of people are not as familiar with the Osborn’s because their Miracles were mostly in other countries.


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