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Our Guest Patricia Bootsma

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SID: Now I know I’m being provoked to jealousy with Patricia. I wish I moved like she moved in the Spirit. You’re blessed because you’re watching right now. That’s her job to help you do that. I got to know, when you wake up in the morning, what are the first things that you do?


PATRICIA: Well to be honest, before I even get out of bed, I soak.


SID: What do you mean by soak?


PATRICIA: I would say, as Isaiah 30:41 says, “They that wait on the Lord will renew their strength and soar with wings as eagles.” I’m a Type A personality, go change the world, all that. But the Lord is really teaching me I need to be [filled] before I do. I need to receive before I have anything to give away. And so this was a lesson in learning to rest in God. So for me, it can look different for other people. But actually, I have an iPod that goes everywhere I go with anointed music, presence of God, put it on, I’m not even out of bed, and just soak in his presence, whatever long I have. It’s really about experiencing his presence. I unashamedly say I’m a presence of God addict. I want the presence of God in my life. I want it in my family. I want it in my ministry. And so therefore, we need to cultivate it at home alone with God. It’s like the roots of a tree. It’s what you don’t see is, the roots, but the tree itself and the fruit it will bear is directly related to the root structure. So we need to have a life in God. I need to be [renewed] before I do.


SID: Okay. So you’re soaking, being still before God. Do you ever hear things from God while you’re soaking?


PATRICIA: Yes. It helps to put myself in that position about getting still, being in his presence. So I absolutely do. And by the way, sometimes there will be, the enemy will sometimes try to distract, well you got to send that email or you got to make that phone call, you got to do this.


SID: What do you do?


PATRICIA: I actually will write it out. I’ll just write it out. Okay, that’s true, I do have to send that email, but I don’t want to focus on that right now, I just want to get back into the presence. So sometimes I have my journals always with me and just write it down, and say, I’ll take care of that later.


SID: Then you go into what you call is prophetic decree. What is a prophetic decree?


PATRICIA: It really helps kick start my prayer time. But it’s this. It’s really speaking out those things that are in agreement with God. So that can be an agreement with his word or an agreement with his prophetic words over us. So the Lord is teaching me this about just the power in our declaration. You know, from Joshua 1:8 it says, “You will meditate on this word. Then you will make your way prosperous and have good success.” You would know more than I, what the Hebrew word for meditate is, “hagah,” and that has to do with pondering out loud to one’s self. And so as I ponder out loud.


SID: Excuse me, one of the definitions of that is mumble or mutter.


PATRICIA: Right, mumble or mutter. And so then I have things that I am going through each day reminding myself of who I am. I’ m a lover of God, God loves me. I am a woman who walks in the fullness of God’s calling and anointing, and those things, but then also about my children. For example, I love the Prayer of Jabez. I pray it over every one of our family, “O that you would bless,” I insert their names, Judah is my son, “O that you would bless Judah indeed, enlarge Judah’s territory. Your hand might be with Judah.” I feel the anointing on this, you know. And how did God create the world? He spoke. Nothing happens in the Kingdom unless there’s first a declaration. And I think it’s what Apostle Paul said when he said, “Wage war for the prophecies over your life.” Wage war. Wage war for them in your mind, but in the declared Word of the Lord and then see it come to pass.


SID: You started this House of Prayer, and briefly, as a result of praying faithfully, what happened in your city?


PATRICIA: In the city of Stratford there was a big drug problem. The church hadn’t been doing so well. And what happened is as we cried out, we said, “God, how do you dig wells and how do you see transformation?” He really spoke to us about the importance of prayer and worship, and declaring he was Lord of the city. So we began to pray, first John and I in our home. It was just us giving our mornings, every week day morning to the Lord then we took it to the church, and then the people gathered. But we saw it unfold before us, transformation. Like really what happened was, first of all, prodigal sons and daughters came home to Jesus. They came repenting to the front, getting free of their drug addictions, their sex additions. And then drug houses started to burn up or blow up. It’s true.


SID: You know, I eyes have not seen and ears have not heard all that God has for us. We just haven’t entered it yet. So let’s enter it. Your husband, he doesn’t hear from God. He’s happy. You go to sleep Saturday night and you know what’s supposed to happen Sunday morning. He checks with you what’s supposed to happen. But now that’s no longer true. What happened?


PATRICIA: You know, you can talk about left brain, right brain, but my husband is very maybe left brain in terms of he just knows the Word inside, out. He’s like a comb of walking concordance. And so he would say things like, “Well my wife hears God, but I don’t really hear God.” He therefore did not hear God because he believed the lie. So I remember when a visiting prophetic guy came, and pulled him out of a crowd and said, “Sir, you need to stop leaning on your wife’s ability to hear God because you can hear God.” And I’m like chi-ching. I paid the guy to give that word. So what happened is John repented. He repented for believing the lie that he couldn’t hear the voice of God or live a prophetic lifestyle. And I’m telling you, even last weekend, we were prophesying over loads of people as we were ministering in a different city, and there he is prophesying with the best of them, and hearing God, and journaling. And so we can all do this.


SID: Can you get everyone prophesying and dreaming if they follow your instructions getting prophetic dreams?


PATRICIA: You know, I do believe, but I want to say this, it’s God’s instructions. It really is. It’s where he’s saying, look, this is what I died to give you, not just your salvation, but your abundant life. I tell you, I think hearing God and living a prophetic lifestyle is part of abundant living, living his purposes for us. So the answer is yes.


SID: Now you’re going to be shocked. When we come back, science is finally catching up to the Bible. It’s saying the most amazing things from scientific studies are happening to us when we pray in tongues, in supernatural language. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Francis Frangipane

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SID: Now Francis, you’re such a nice guy. I find it hard to understand how you had thousands of witches and warlocks fasting and praying, and cursing you. But even a more important question than that is you survived. How did you survive?


FRANCIS: Well the short answer is, you know, life and God, and the Holy Spirit forces us to find our shelter in the Most High. And the situation you’re referring to was back when I had written a book called “The Three Battlegrounds.” And that book and the Bible was given to this fellow who was into witchcraft and [he] had a large mailing list, and that mailing list, when he got saved, this guy came to Christ and when he gave his life to Jesus he began giving out Bibles and “The Three Battlegrounds.” And I remember telling him, I don’t need this kind of promotion.


SID: Thousands of witches and warlocks.


FRANCIS: Yeah, really. But I went on with my life. And you know, cities were opening up and there were moves of God, and there were personal blessings, and it was all these wonderful things happening. And now a few years later, we had led this lady to the Lord and she had been involved in a coven that was putting curses, trying to put curses on us, and the amazing thing to me was I didn’t even know it. I couldn’t tell that there was a curse that was trying to get through the protection of God. And every believer has that. We’re sealed with the Holy Spirit and to be able to live in that and to function in there, and to walk through life, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil because the Lord is with us.” Amen.


SID: So you had already prepared for this not even knowing this was ever going to happen.


FRANCIS: No. My focus really is on the Lord, on this. If he tells me to deal with the enemy, I do.


SID: All right, speaking of that, you had a woman that was actually part of the group praying and fasting, and cursing you, came into a congregation you were speaking in. Tell me about that.


FRANCIS: Well the woman was, through a witness relocation program, was moved to the city where we lived, where I lived and she was, she took advantage of an outreach that we had to [find] a home, a group home where she could be secured from her husband who was trying to kill her. So one of our ladies, our dear ladies in the church brought her to church on a Saturday night, we had a Saturday night service at the time, and it happened I was speaking that night about how God will not allow a curse to light upon the righteous. All of a sudden, this lady realizes she’s in the church of the man they were trying to put curses on.


Man: Praise you Lord. We worship you. Praise you! Praise you!


Woman: Often times…


FRANCIS: And she begins to manifest demonically. She was picking people up and throwing up. She’s a bigger, stronger, demonized human, throwing men, picking up ladies and throwing ladies.


[woman screaming]


FRANCIS: And right after the service, the woman that was in charge of the prayer team that took her into the back room to have prayer, she comes down. Now when she first came to church, she looked great, had a little bun on the top of her head. She was very personable, you know. Now after the service, her bun is hanging down. She kept looking at me cockeyed. So I go walking over to the room. At the time I had tennis elbow. I couldn’t like pick up my cup. I had no strength at all in my right arm and I was carrying my briefcase in my left arm, when I went into the room. When she said “Francis is here,” she bent over and took out of her purse a fishing knife and in her demonic frenzy she lunged at my face with this knife. And the Lord, this was the arm I couldn’t pick up a coffee cup, the Lord, how many of you know the Lord loves photo finishes? He healed my arm on the way up and that knife went right…you ought to shout. That was a shout.


SID: That was such a shout, you wouldn’t be here if the Lord didn’t.


FRANCIS: I know. I know. So you know, it actually broke her wrist when my hand and her arm came down. And then she passed out and eventually everybody took her home. I called the next day. I got her number at this group home, and I called the next day, and I said, “You know, I can have you arrested for attempted murder, but I want you to know that Jesus loves you and he brought you here. You think you came on your own, but he brought you here because he wants to show you his salvation.” And she said, “I hate men. My dad, my father abused me, my pastor abused me, the street evangelist abused me and your God is a man and I hate them, and I hate you, and I hate God.” And I said, “Look, I’m calling. I could send you to jail for a long time because I have all these witnesses that saw you try and kill me.” And I said, “But I’m not going to do that. I want you to know that Christ forgives you that our Lord Jesus forgives you and he wants…” And all of a sudden this girl began to cry. She hadn’t cried since she was a little girl and she accepted the Lord. Amen.


SID: I’m not going to keep telling you when to clap.


FRANCIS: So anyway, so it was in the context of that that the Lord began to show me how he had structured my spiritual walk so that I would be under the shelter of the Most High, that I would be in his presence. It’s not that I always walked perfect and never failed or stumbled. It’s that there are principles, spiritual principles that I put in the book, “The Shelter of the Most High.” It wasn’t theory, it wasn’t just theology, it wasn’t just doctrine. It was something that God had done in me and to me, and through me that made that barrier of his presence immunize me from the attack of the enemy.


SID: Now I am told that Psalm 91 protects you from every conceivable thing that could be thrown at you in this life. That’s what the secret place is. Do you realize every protection you see in Psalm 91 is in the secret place? But most don’t know how to get to the secret place. When we come back we’re going to get to the secret.

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Our Guest Dr. Sandra Kennedy

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SID: Dr. Sandra, you had a discussion with the Lord about healing.




SID: And he answered you. What did he say?


SANDRA: I was discussing, I wasn’t getting my healing the way I wanted to get it and I began to say, well the devil began to talk and say, well you don’t deserve this, like he does everybody, you don’t deserve this, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I then began to say this to the Lord, and the Lord said back to me, “But my blood took care of that.” And so I would name something else. “But my blood took care of that.” And I named something else. “But my blood took care of that.” And Sid, no matter what I named, and then I began to name all the people in the church had told me why they couldn’t get healed or why things weren’t happening. And God is my eternal witness. The Glory of God came to my staircase and everything I said he answered, “But my blood took care of that. But my blood took care of that.” There wasn’t a thing.


SID: Do you know when you say that phrase, when she says, “But my blood took care of that,” I can feel, I don’t feel the light, I feel rays though of healing going out every time you say it.




SID: “But my blood took care of that.” Let’s say it together: “But my blood took care of that.”


SANDRA: “But my blood took care of that.” That’s a powerful statement, which means that no one could ever come to you with anything that Hell would have said to them cannot be cured. I think nothing, “But my blood took care of that, my blood took care of that.” So no matter what anyone is going through, I don’t care what it is, I don’t care if it’s family problems, I don’t care if it’s any kind of sickness, I don’t care if I’m on death’s bed, “but my blood took care of it,” every sickness, every disease, and we’re always thinking thank God it took care of all the sins. Praise the name of the Lord. Hallelujah. But he also, the blood at the whipping post, the blood, wounds came at the whipping post. Blood came out of the wounds.


SID: So you’re saying to me that every believer that is convinced because of the death and resurrection, and the shedding of the blood of Jesus, they are forgiven of all sins, should be just as convinced that by his blood you are healed.


SANDRA: Yes. Yes. Yes. It took place at the same time.


SID: Show me very briefly what you, how you pray the blood every morning and every evening, in your home, for yourself when no one is looking but you and God.


SANDRA: Okay. As if I have taken a shower, I take the blood, I wash my eyes in the blood, I wash my ears in the blood, I wash my mouth in the blood so that my ears will hear only what God says, my eyes will see only what God wants me to see, my mouth will speak only what God wants me to say by the power of the tongue. I wash my hands so that my hands can be used for God Almighty, because hands can get you in trouble. They can do all kinds of bad things and get very defiled. I wash my hands. I wash my feet and if there’s, say I have a tumor or something, I wash that tumor in the name of Jesus, in the blood of Jesus and command it to go in Jesus’s name with the blood of Jesus. Just like you’re taking a bath. Just like you’re taking a bath. And believe it or not when you get through, you feel like you’ve had another bath. Hallelujah.


SID: You know, people that are attacked at night, how valuable would it be for them to do that before they went to bed?


SANDRA: Yes, and to wash their mind and wash their dream life, to wash it in the blood of the lamb, it’s amazing what it will do. God just, you know, he just goes into every area of our life.


SID: I want you to pray the blood over everyone watching right now to have the shame removed and be physically healed, right now.


SANDRA: Yes. In the name of Jesus, I’m telling you right now, I come against that which has come against you, all shame, all guilt, all dirtiness, all filthy feelings, all those things that you feel that you can’t even hold your head up, I wash you in the blood of Jesus. If you’ve invited Jesus into your heart you already belong to him. Now take his blood and just cleanse yourself in it from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, any kind of sickness. We hold up the blood and wash ourselves from any kind of defilement, wounds, any kind of defilements, in the name of Jesus. And I expect you to absolutely just as you have been dirty going into a shower and you come out feeling refreshed, you ought to feel totally refreshed once you have bathed yourselves in the supernatural power of the blood of Jesus. And I call it done in Jesus’s name.


SID: And for those of you that want this promise to be true, “I shall never leave you,” Jesus says. That means in this life and all of eternity. Who would want to live this life without knowing God, without having experiential knowledge of God? You want to have your own experiential knowledge, open the door, tell Jesus you’re sorry for your mistakes, they’re called sins, and believe that blood washes them away and he doesn’t remember them anymore. Then when you’re clean ask Jesus to live inside of you and be your Lord. Do that, and you and I will be together for eternity.

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Our Guest Aliss Cresswell

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ALISS: Oh yeah! Thank you, Jesus! Whooohoo! Oh, He’s so good, isn’t He! So… but you can do that too everywhere you go. I mean we’ve… you know we have this cafe, we’ve got this shop right in the middle of Chester. But you can just, you can do miracles anywhere.  It’s good isn’t it… you know maybe you’ve been in church and practicing doing miracles and prophesying to people but it’s, it’s a good place to practice but it’s just for everyday life. And I find that you can try to talk to people about Jesus you know as much as you like but really if you do a miracle… if you get some supernatural knowledge and tell it to them they want to know about Jesus. They want to know the power of that feeling and the love that they can feel that they’ve never experienced in their life before. And they…we just find you know hundreds of people giving their lives to Jesus. But you can do that. It’s easy. It is. It’s easy! You just speak it out and it happens. And if it doesn’t happen you speak it out again. You just don’t give up. You just keep going. You know one of the things I’ve, I’ve found is we have a lot of people come in and they say well I’ve prayed a lot and I’ve still got this illness and I don’t know… or people will be praying for others and not seeing much happen. But one of the things I’ve discovered is that a lot of illnesses are caused by evil spirits. Even if you are a Christian it could be an evil spirit that’s causing it. I’ll tell you one story that’s quite good as a teaching tool. This happened to me a few years ago. And a friend of mine came round to my house just for a chat and a coffee and we’re sitting chatting. And then she gets up and I get up at the same time. And suddenly both of us have the same symptoms. Like we suddenly we get really dizzy. We have really bad headaches. But we can’t see properly and our ears go deaf and we feel really disorientated. Now if I was on my own I probably would have thought well I just got up too quickly or I’ve got a virus that’s coming or something, you know. But because it was both of us have the same symptoms at the same time we thought maybe this is an evil spirit up to something. So we prayed together and we said we just tell our evil spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. Now all the symptoms left apart from that I still had a bad headache. And my friend went home and I thought I’m not putting up with this headache any longer. This is from the enemy. I’m not having it. We have authority. We have power over all the power of the enemy, Jesus says in Luke, chapter 10. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Just go away and read it. Just keep reading that verse where He gives us power and authority over ALL the power of the enemy. That’s the truth! So anyhow so I’m there on my own then. I’m in my living room and we’ve got these French windows looking out onto the garden. My headache is really bad. And I’m like in the name of Jesus I command that evil spirit to leave me now! And as soon as I said it there was a big bang. And what happened was there was a woodpecker, just, which… they’re not very common really in England. But it was flying through our garden towards our house. The evil spirit must have left me and it entered this woodpecker cause evil spirits want to be in a body. The nearest body was this woodpecker flying. So it left me, it enters this woodpecker and the woodpecker bashed itself into the window upstairs, fell to the ground just outside the French windows. Dead! I mean “deadedety dead!” Like… dead! It must have broken its neck. I mean it was like, its neck was twisted. It was on its back. Its feet in the air. It was like… similar, similar to that. But not exact.



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Our Guest Misty Edwards

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MISTY:   I don’t know how to do this! (laughs) My mind… I love You. And it was like 30 seconds later and I’m thinking about pizza or something like what I wanted for dinner. I, I don’t know how to love You with my mind. How do I love You… He said love Me with your mind. Have you ever tried to love Him with ALL… He said ALL of your mind? That is intense! This is what I’m talking about. When we talk about love it’s invasive! It’s an all-consuming fire! He is an all-consuming fire! He is! He doesn’t look like fire. He doesn’t put on fire. He IS! And He is an all-consuming fire! And He IS love. He is fire, love and spirit are the three times it says God “IS,” describing the essence of who, who He is. God is love. So I went on a journey. I’m like I’m going to love You with all my strength, with all my soul and I’m going to love… out of the overflow of that, I’m going to love myself in the grace of God and I’m going to love others and transform society in the image of this love. But the goal of transforming society, the goal of evangelism is what? That people would love Him! That’s the goal! The goal of global transformation ultimately is that the earth would love Jesus with all their heart, their soul, their mind, their strength. And so we want to, we want…I want to demonstrate that. I want to figure out what it means to love the Lord with all of my mind! I want to figure out what it means to love the Lord with all of my soul! But how many of you are like me? Weak and broken? And love is the opposite of that gravitational pull that we’re born with. To be self-centered.  Focused on myself. My comfort. My ease. What I want. He demonstrated love when He came and He hung on a cross and He said “This is love!” This is love. This is love’s definition. Love pours out. Love gives for another. So ultimately love is a pouring of one’s self out for the sake of another. But we can’t do this on our own. I can’t do it on my own. I mean like I said I can go all day and talk about love. And I try, I say Lord, I’m want to love You with my mind, but He’s not a natural thought. Do you know what I mean? It’s like I have to force myself to think about God. When I wake up in the morning I want Him to be my first thought. When I go to bed at night I want Him to be my last thought. When I’m driving in my car, you know that daydream that kind of goes on in the back of your head? See, like right now you are a universe of worlds! Right here in this room you’ve all got a world going on in the inside (laughs) and I don’t know what you’re all thinking. You’re all thinking every something different. You’ve got a universe in there. There is a vast world, a limitless ocean so to speak inside this, the being of every man. Close your eyes for one second, but don’t fall asleep (laughs). See that world inside? Open it. That’s where He lives. We all know that. That’s where God, if you’re born again, that’s where He lives. And He wants to help us, enable us to love Him to the, to a radical degree. To where it affects our actions. It affects the way we… what we do with our time, our money, how we will, we inter, inter… how we relate to the lost. But He is going to help us. It says in the Book of Romans that the Holy Spirit has been given to us to pour the love of God into that sacred space. But how severely and utterly criminally have we underestimated the power of our inner life. There is a world within. It says if you’ve been born again you have the Spirit of God. That “Shekinah Glory” that filled the Temple is on the inside of you! What? Huh! What? It’s like the, the priests in the Temple would be going like “Really? If you would have been there and seen what I saw I don’t know if you’d be so, so nonchalant about that.” The “Shekinah Glory” that filled that Temple when the priest fell over is inside of YOU!


AUDIENCE:    Whooo! Whooo!

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