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SID:                 Sid Roth with Something More. Im with my good friend Jonathan Bernis and you know Jonathan from Jewish Voice. Youve probably seen him on television. Jonathan, you have a passion for the Lost Tribes. Question One: What are the Lost Tribes?


JONATHAN:    Well theres two definitions of Lost Tribes. Ill give em both to you. The narrow definition is that in 722 B.C. the northern ten tribes of Israel were taken into captivity by the Assyrians. Its called the Assyrian captivity. This is at a time when Israel and Judah were divided. Ten in the north, 2 tribes in the south. And they were never heard from again. We dont read about them coming back from the Assyrian captivity and so in a narrow sense the ten lost tribes are those ten tribes that were taken by the Assyrians and we dont know what happened to them. Theres lots of speculation throughout history. The other definition of the Lost Tribes are really what I call the scattered remnant of Israel. You need to understand, Sid, that through history the Jewish people were scattered numerous times.


SID:                 Of course.


JONATHAN:    The ten tribes. Then the tribe of Judah was taken captive into Babylon. Only a remnant returned. What happened to the rest? 70 A.D. Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans. After the Bar Kokhba revolt in 132 B.C. or A.D. rather, 132 to 136, they forbid Jews to live in Jerusalem and Israel and this is known as the Diaspora, the great dispersion. And then throughout the Middle Ages you have Jewish communities being banished from different countries and wandering through Italy, through England, through Spain. The Spanish Inquisition of 1492. Later Portugal, a few years later. Where did the Jewish people go? They were scattered throughout the nations of the world. And so now God is in process of fulfilling I believe fulfilling Isaiah chapter 11 and other prophecies where He says “I will regather the outcasts of Israel.” So the Lost Tribes, the scattered remnant of Israel are the Jewish communities that were scattered throughout the world, wandering throughout the world and are now being restored to the nation of Israel, to the State of Israel.


SID:     Some Rabbis actually believe essential for End Times is to restore the Lost Tribes from the four corners.


JONATHAN:    Well I absolutely believe that. The promise to regather His people back to the Land, see He said if you disobey My commandments you will be scattered but then I will draw you back. Deuteronomy and almost every prophet talks about the regathering at a set time in history and I believe its the time known as the End of Days or The Last Days.


SID:                 Okay. Well you are really specializing in this. How did it start?


JONATHAN:    Well for me personally I, as with many other things like Russia, I wandered into it. It was really Gods divine leading without me even knowing about it. I was…


SID:                 I thought that was just me!


JONATHAN:    No, no, no.


SID:                 I call God the great pusher. Id like to say Im the great follower but in my life Hes pushed me into everything.


JONATHAN:    No, both of us have been pushed into things. We had no idea.


SID:                 Right.


JONATHAN:    And He prepared this for us before the foundation of the world. Thats what is so exciting! Well I was invited to Ethiopia after the Russian revival of the 90s which you were a part of. We saw amazing things, Sid. We saw so many salvations, healings, miracles in Russia. I could ride in a taxi and almost every taxi driver that I met I led to the Lord in a short taxi ride. It was that powerful. It was a revival. So after that began to wane I was asking God whats next? Show me! I had no idea and I just wandered to Ethiopia. Somebody invited me to Ethiopia and that was the next assignment for me. I met a group called the Beth Israel.


SID:                 The House of Israel.


JONATHAN:   The House of Israel. Ethiopian Jews that had retained their identity and been persecuted for hundreds of years. Many had been taken back to Israel but tens of thousands remained in Ethiopia in poverty. And suddenly the light came on and I saw heres Jewish people that are in need. You know in America we dont think of Jewish people in financial need and poverty. In Ethiopia theres Jews in absolute poverty and another idea, another strategy to reach Jewish people this time not with cultural festivals, with music and dance, but with medical care, with dental care, with eye care and so we began to organize, our ministry began to organize clinics.


SID:                 What other areas besides Ethiopia?


JONATHAN:    Right.


SID:    …have you been working in?


JONATHAN:    Thats where it began to answer your question. So it began in Ethiopia and then I began to read about various Lost Tribes. Different books were sent to me. Articles. And I learned about a group called the Lemba. This is…


SID:                 Its in Africa.



JONATHAN:    In Africa in the remote bush of Zimbabwe. And I sent someone to try to find the Lemba. And they found the Lemba. I get this phone call from an Ethiopian member of our team, and he calls me from Ethiopia and introduces me on the phone to a member of the Zimbabwean parliament thats a member of the Lemba tribe. And he tells me come. Weve been praying for you. Ive written to you, youve never written back. Long story short, I flew to Zimbabwe and it was so complex just getting there, Sid. I had to fly to Johannesburg which is a huge commitment in time. And then when I got to Johannesburg had to take another flight to Harare then we had to rent a small plane. Oh, and its even more interesting. We had to clear a field to take this small plane.


SID:                 I can match that description when I went to the lost tribe of the Kaifeng China Jews…


JONATHAN:    Right, right. I went with you. You remember?


SID:                 Thats right!


JONATHAN:    The Lord spoke to me in Russia said go with Sid and help.


SID:                 And then as a little aside, he never got as sick in his life (laughing)…


JONATHAN:    You remember.


SID:                 …as he got on that time.


JONATHAN:    One of the sickest Ive ever been. It took me a month to recover but anyway thats another story.

SID:      But now let, I wanna go into another area because this is so fascinating. When he does these clinics all of the doctors and nurses and dentists and people that come along theyre strong believers and they not only help the people physically but they pray for them to be physically healed. Your last event. Tell me about it.


JONATHAN:    Well I just came back from Zimbabwe two weeks ago, and incidentally it was in Zimbabwe that travail began to just come out of me again so theres something in connection with these lost tribes, with the Lemba and other scattered Jewish communities that I believe is directly connected to me going back into travail. Its a new season, Sid. We are in a new time in history.


SID:     Its not just on the lost tribes.




SID:                 You see Jonathan moved, hes like a fisherman. He goes where the fish are biting. Fish were biting in the former Soviet Union? He went. God directed him there. Fish are biting in these lost tribes? God directed him there. But Ive got some good news. This is Americas time. Frances time. Italys time. This is Israels time. The Jewish people are going to be on fire for the Lord! And once again theyre going to be the catalyst for the greatest Gentile revival in history!


JONATHAN:    Sid, I wannaà I justà I wanna accent that. I believe that were entering into the greatest revival the world has ever seen. Look back at the first century. I used to read the New Testament and think oh, if I only lived in that time when my shadow healed someone. But the more I understand the times we live in the more Im thankful that I live in this time. I dont wanna live in any other time than now, Sid. Its the time to favor Zion is here!


SID:                 Well I had a dream and in the dream God came to me and He said “Im coming back soon” three times! Im coming back soon! Im coming back soon! Im coming back soon! Tell me some of those miracles that happened in Zimbabwe.


JONATHAN:    Were seeing all kinds of miracles…


SID:                 Tell me some specific things you saw with your eyes.


JONATHAN:    So two weeks ago we had, we set up this prayer tent, and by the way the first Lemba outreach we did over 5000, now you heard this correctly, over 5000 Lemba, Jews, came to faith in Jesus as Messiah in one week. 5000!


SID:                 Praise God!


JONATHAN:    So some of the miracles. A woman came in with a goiter on her neck, a huge goiter, and as we began to pray for her, as our prayer team began to pray the goiter literally began to shrink, shrink, shrink and by the time we were done praying, our team was done praying, the goiter was completely gone.


SID:   By the way theres power in the testimony and theres someone with a goiter right now on your neck…




SID:    ….as a matter of fact and it is going down in Yeshuas name. In Jesus name. Go ahead, tell me something else you saw.


JONATHAN:   Weve had other people that were carried in. They didnt come in wheelchairs cause they dont have wheelchairs. They were carried in just completely lame and walked out of the tent. Able to walk out. Let me tell you another one that I was part of that was absolutely amazing. This was in Ethiopia, in Gondar Ethiopia. A young man came in probably 18, 19 years of age, deaf and dumb. Now whats fascinating is that he had grown up in the same community so its like a Bible experience where they all know him from childhood. And the Lord opened up his hearing and I was standing behind him whispering, kind of like an old Ernest Angley thing. Yeshua. And he was Ye-shu-a. And he was standing behind him and all of the elders of the community, and this is what made the miracle so amazing, all witnessed this and knew this young man was born this way and they had no explanation. They were absolutely stunned. And I was just kind of taunting them, getting him to talk because I could see they were, they didnt know what to do with this. They were absolutely stunned because they knew this man his whole life.


SID:    And this young woman was sharing that God is telling me theres someone with problems in your hands. And you have problems bending your fingers. If you do that right now you will walk right into your miracle. Now Jonathan, I am…


JONATHAN:    Carpal tunnels is being healed right now as we speak.


SID:                 I see it.


JONATHAN:    Carpal tunnel.


SID:                 Anything to do with the hands.


JONATHAN:    Yeah!


SID:                 Tell me about this. Tell me about this, this amazing brand new book.


JONATHAN:    Okay, Sid. This is a workbook. This is the third in a series. Im going through the scriptures and Im looking at the names of God, the revealed compound names of God. This one Adonai Yireh. We sing Jehovah Jireh. The correct Hebrew is Yireh. And it means The Lord Will Provide.ö It comes from Genesis 22 where God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. So the first provision is Jesus. Okay? And everything that He provides for us. Theres two points to this. One: confessing the word of God. When we confess the word of God were releasing life. Were releasing power. Were also hearing the word and its getting into our spirit and building faith. So Im a big believer in confession simply because it works. Its Biblical and it works! And then Ive connected it to the Hebrew language which is a modern revival of an ancient language. Its a pure language. Its a heavenly language. And I like to call it a super language. Just as theres super foods that have nutrients and vitamins that are abnormally rich. The Hebrew language is a normallyà abnormally rich. The word Shalom for example. Peace. We have the English peace. So I say peace to you it means rest. It means to experience Gods peace. But the word Shalom has like 20 words that its connected to. It also means well-being. It also means wholeness. It also means completion, welfare. All of these English words that we have to confess.


SID:     So what youre saying if I understand this right Jonathan takes the promises of God which are supernatural and puts em in a super-food package called Hebrew. Thats the way God originally did it!


JONATHAN: And faith, and right. And when you confess the word. So we confess shalom were confessing 20, more than 20 English words and it comes to pass. Why, Sid? Because confession has creative force. What separates man from all of Gods creation is articulate speech and theres life in the power of the tongue. So Im a big believer in confession. Im a big believer in Hebrew and when you put them together (clapping sound) you have a supernatural (clapping sound) emergence (clapping sound), emergence.


SID:                 What feedback on your first two books, The Lord Your Healer, the one The Lord Your Peace. These have been out for a while. What type of feedback is your office telling is coming on that?


JONATHAN:  Well I got a letter from a pastor who had taken this, I believe it was an Indian woman that was dying of cancer in the hospital. I think it was leukemia. And he began to play the tape for her. I dont think she was able to confess it but the CD that is attached to it has me confessing the scriptures in English and then a Hebrew, a native Israeli speaking them in Hebrew and he just played it in her hospital room day after day and she was completely healed of leukemia. And he was writing to thank me for her healing. I didnt do it. The Word (tap sound on desk) of God (tap sound on desk) healed (tap sound on desk) this woman!


SID:  You really have a passion for not just confessing Gods word but being able, and on the transliteration are you finding people that have never studied Hebrew can in minutes can speak it?


JONATHAN:    Five minutes and youre speaking Hebrew fluently when you follow along with the Hebrew speaker.      I went to Hebrew School for years, Sid, and struggled for my Bar Mitzvah. I hated Hebrew School!


SID:                 Me too! (laughing)


JONATHAN:    And guess what? You dont have to be a Hebrew scholar. You can actually put the Hebrew language to work in five minutes with these workbooks. And thats what they are. Theyre workbooks! You said something about investing before.


SID:                 Yes.


JONATHAN:   When you get this youre investing in the ministry. Well youre not just investing in the ministry, youre investing in yourself! Youre investing in building into your spirit life. Investing into yourself peace and rest and provision and healing. All of these revelations that come out when you speak forth the Hebrew language, confess the Hebrew language it gets into your hearing, gets into your spirit and comes out being spoken with and releases life!

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Our Guest James Durham

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SID: James, you had a vision that shows how easy, and that’s the key word, easy, it is for you to walk into your destiny and purpose. Tell me about that vision.


JAMES: Well Sid, what I saw in that vision, the Lord was talking to me and he was making it clear that sometimes by the worldly wisdom we’re always thinking about all the things that we’ve got to do to earn our position. We’ve got to elevate ourselves through effort and trying and praying, and pressing in.


SID: Well but in the corporate world you jockey to get to the top and you don’t care who you step on. That’s the corporate.


JAMES: Right.


SID: My Bible says that if I will lower myself God will raise me. If I higher myself, he’ll lower me.


JAMES: So in my vision the Lord told me basically just to get over myself, quit thinking so much about what I’m supposed to do to get worthy of him. It’s not about me, it’s about him. It’s about what he’s done. And all the heavy lifting has already been done for us and all we have to do is just open up and receive it. And that’s what the Lord is trying to release to people. You don’t have to go through all of these machinations. You don’t have to do all of these things. Now it’s good to pray, it’s good to worship and I encourage people to do that all the time, but you just need to open your eyes, ears and your heart to see that the Lord is the one who has accomplished this for you and he wants to just release it to you right now. And we release it to you and just ask you to open your heart and claim it for yourself right now in Yeshua’s name.


SID: You know, in that vision I found it fascinating the Lord was holding something that was round, and what did it look like, a beach ball or something?


JAMES: Well I thought of an exercise ball that you have at the gym, and I thought well that’s odd because he’s not exercising. And I was just watching the Lord as he was holding onto this ball. And then as I focused more on the ball, because at that time I was looking at him, I saw that it wasn’t an exercise ball, it was actually Planet Earth, and the Lord was looking so intently. He was so focused on people on the earth. And the first thought I had was, you know, a lot of people would be uncomfortable with the idea because they don’t really want the Lord to look that closely into their life sometimes. Sometimes they like to slip back in the darkness so they can do a few of the things they don’t think would please the Lord. But the Lord said to me, he reads my thoughts, he said to me, “I’m not watching them closely to do them harm, I’m watching them closely to bless them and to give them purpose and destiny.” And then I began to almost like have telescopic vision, and I kind of zoomed in. And I saw a woman standing there holding the hand of Jesus, and it looked like she had been weeping maybe through the night, and she desperately reached out and took Jesus’ hand, and I heard the Lord say to her something he had been saying to me all morning: “Comfort, yes, comfort my people says the Lord.” And I believe the Lord wants to comfort people who are going through difficult times. And then I focused on some people who were worshiping, and their worship seemed so pure and it seemed so focused on the Lord, and the Lord was focusing on them as well. And I heard the same thing: “Comfort, yes, comfort my people.” I believe the Lord wants people to know that their worship, their praise is pleasing to him and he’s watching that, and it opens up doors of blessing and favor. And I just saw that the Lord wanted each and every person that he was looking at on Planet Earth to begin to see the awesome destiny he has for them.


SID: Does he have a destiny for, a unique fingerprint, just as our fingerprints are unique, does he have that unique a destiny for each person?


JAMES: Absolutely. And that’s one of the awesome things about the Lord that he’s able to do that for every single human being. Everyone who has flesh has the potential to get in that kind of relationship with the Lord and begin to see what that awesome destiny is and what God has destined you, created you to live in this time to accomplish this amazing purpose unique to you. And if I don’t do that, if I don’t open up and see that and I don’t do that, something is going to be missing in the Kingdom of God in this generation, because you and I have been uniquely equipped and created for that purpose, and we need to do that for the fullness of what God has planned for this generation.


SID: Talk to the person at home that says that’s okay for these superstars, but can I really know this. Talk to that person that’s saying, can I really know this.


JAMES: Well I see that all that time that people say well that may be something for famous people or people that we know, they’re gifted and have all of these special spiritual gifts, but what about me, can I do that? And I say absolutely yes. The Lord isn’t looking for superstars. He’s not looking for people that come to him fully equipped. He’s looking for people who are willing to see the awesome thing that he created them to do, and they’re willing to see it and then let him equip them and then lift them up to the fullness of the anointing he has. And it’s not about who you are. It’s about who he is. It’s not about what you’ve done. It’s about what he’s done. It’s about what he’s going to do in the future and he wants to do it through you. And just imagine the joy that you can have when you realize I fulfilled my purpose on Earth. I reached the destiny that God established for me from the foundation of the earth for this generation. You will have so much joy and you will have so much comfort from the Lord when you allow him to lead you into the fullness of your destiny in the Kingdom.


SID: And what would you say to the person that says, I knew what I was supposed to do and I didn’t do it? Is it too late?


JAMES: It’s never too late.


SID: All right, did you hear that? It is never too late. God said to Jeremiah, “Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb I knew you. I called you.” And I say to you, before you were conceived in your mother’s womb I knew you and I called you, and God said the best is yet to come.


JAMES: Amen.

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Our Guest James Durham

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SID: James says not only can everyone have their spiritual eyes activated, you have your natural eyes, but can see what’s going on in the invisible world, every one of your senses can be activated and it starts out with focus. Explain.


JAMES: Well I think we have focused too much on ourselves and our limitations. God wants us to focus on his promises, on his Word and begin to see how he plans for us to live and how he plans for us to be activated in this generation.


SID: One of the things you do to focus is he’ll take stories in the Bible, the miracles of Jesus, and you actually put yourself in that. Explain.


JAMES: Well I started reading. I noticed over and over in the Bible, I studied through the Bible three or four times a year and in detail, and I saw there were so many promises and so many things that were spoken over people, and I decided I want to claim those for myself. And I started reading it out loud because faith comes by hearing by the Word. I began to speak those things over myself. And after I did that for a while I began to really put faith behind that, and the faith was every promise in the Bible is for me and it’s for you, and God wants us to begin to grasp those promises and begin to live in the fullness of the Anointing as, for our purpose is awesome. Our destiny is great. And what God wants to release in spiritual gifts to us through our eyes open, our ears open, every other sense being open to the Kingdom, is for us to be able to do exactly what would be the very best thing for the Kingdom, and ultimately that’s the best thing for us and for other people.


SID: Can every person that is a believer in the Messiah looking at us right now, can they have every spiritual sense activated?


JAMES: Absolutely, I do. And I think God made a promise, I see it in the scriptures, all the way back in the Old Testament and repeated in the New Testament, that in the last days his spirit was going to come on all flesh, on men and women, on people who are older, people who are younger, every social status in the world. That his spirit will come on all flesh and when it does we’ll all be enabled to prophesy to see visions and to dream prophetic dreams. And so many people have never claimed the promise, and I started claiming the promise. And a lot of what I do on that card that I put my prayers on is I begin to pray and activate those things.


SID: You’ve been saying this for years.


JAMES: Yes, over and over myself until I believe that 100 percent in my heart. And that’s what I recommend to people. It began to claim those promises to say every promise in the Bible is for you.


SID: Most people, God starts in just a little way and they discard that little way. Explain that.


JAMES: Well we shouldn’t despise small beginnings. And sometimes the Lord only shows us some very small thing, some little thing. But instead of getting discouraged what I encourage people to do is to say, wow, God is beginning to do things in me and I began to rejoice, and began to give him thanks and praise for that because God responds to gratitude much more than he responds to grumbling. And so we don’t grumble about a small thing he’s doing in us, but we begin to do it to the best of our ability and thank him for enabling us and activating those gifts in us so that we’re able to do that. And right now, I’m feeling that God has something really special for people are watching this right now. I just have felt the presence and I’m feeling it right now of numerous healing angels that are manifesting here with us and they’re manifesting with you. And I know in the spiritual realm that if you need healing there’s a healing angel that just manifested for you. And right now, just we release the angels to minister what Father God sent them to minister, be healed in Jesus’ name. Whatever you need, that angel came for that purpose. And I feel right now that the love of the Father is just pouring out like standing under a waterfall and the blessing and favor of the Lord is pouring out over you right now. Receive it and believe it, and give thanks for it, and keep on thanking him and speaking it until it manifests. Amen.


SID: Now James, why is it the minute you spoke what you were feeling in the invisible world I felt a presence of God, zoom, like that. Why is that? I like to try to understand the invisible world.


JAMES: Well I think when we do what the Holy Spirit prompts us to do his power just manifests, and I felt that, too. And it almost felt like it’s coming up from the floor. It just felt like the power of God suddenly surrounded us. And the Spirit is so pleased when we follow his prompting that he just releases power. And I’m feeling it right now, it’s just like the Lord, the presence is getting stronger and stronger.


SID: I don’t know what he’s going to do when we come back, but I know he’s going to do something, and I know you’re going to be back.

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Our Guest James Durham

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. If I was to ask you how many of you know for certain what your destiny is, what you’re supposed to be doing with your life, and I don’t care if you’re 70 years old or seven years old, here’s the truth, most of you would say I’m not sure. How many of you would like to be sure? You see, your destiny is like your fingerprint. No one that has ever lived has the same fingerprint like you have. You have a destiny. How many of you want to know for sure, for certain, what your destiny is? All right, you’re about ready to have it supernaturally unfolded. Now James Durham was a spirit-filled Army chaplain for 30 years. But I asked you last night, there was a specific time when you had your breakthrough in the supernatural because believe it or not, just because your spirit-filled doesn’t mean you’re really moving in the supernatural and all that God has available to you. Tell me what caused your breakthrough.


JAMES: Immediately after getting the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1969, I began to have a lot of visions, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and I operated in that a lot. But it was much later than that, I was in a revival and someone stood up and said, “I visited Heaven last night,” and described the visit. And I thought, hey, that sounds pretty cool. And that night, I went home. It was very, very late. I got back to my room. And as I was getting ready to get into bed I said, you know, it would be really neat to be able to have a visit in Heaven. That was the extent of my prayer for this to happen. I laid down on the bed and as soon as my head hit the bed, the pillow, I was standing in Heaven, standing before the throne of Jesus, and I was just completely awestruck. But as I looked at Jesus, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t speak, but I just fell in love. And something happened in my heart. It was like a transformation came to me when that happened. And from that time on it became a very regular thing to visit with the Lord in Heaven and very often to go to a training room where he was training me on how to activate some of the things that he was releasing to me. And he told me very clearly, “These are not just for you. I want these to be testimonies for other people so that they will also be activated in those things.”


SID: Now you had a vision recently and Jesus himself said that everyone has to hear this vision. Well I’m everyone. Tell me.


JAMES: Well it was a very, I guess it was kind of a startling vision, I would say, and I was suddenly lifted up into the presence of the Lord and I saw myself, it was like I was outside of myself looking at myself, and I was kneeling before the Lord with the left knee on the floor and my right on the floor, kind of like a knight kneeling before his king. And I was kneeling before Jesus, and I had this, what I call my cloak of humility. It’s a really, old worn out kind of brownish cover, and I really liked that, because you got to be humble before the Lord. And I was kneeling before him, worshiping the Lord. And suddenly the Lord said, “Hey, would you like to see how I see you?” Well I wasn’t sure because just like everyone else I began to think of past mistakes, things that I should have done that I didn’t do, and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to see that. But if the Lord asks I’ve learned you say yes. So I said yes. And when I did, the Lord sort of stepped over to the left side and he had a rod in his hand, a staff, and he began to pull that cloak back slowly from the staff, and I was absolutely stunned at what I saw. When the cloak began to come off of me I was wearing a helmet and full armor like a knight in the Round Table. But the armor was gold and it was pure gold, and it was shining, and I realized it was the light of the Glory of Yeshua that was reflecting off of that armor. And has he pulled more and more back, I really got into kind of fear because I do not want to get into pride, because I think pride will block you from really encountering the Lord. And this, I thought if I keep seeing this I might get into pride.


SID: Proverbs says, “Pride comes before a fall.” I don’t want to fall.


JAMES: Be humble before the Lord and he will lift you up. So I actually asked the Lord, “Don’t show me anymore and to put the cloak back.” And the Lord did what I asked. And this was so startling, and I thought I can’t tell anyone this vision because it will sound to prideful. I didn’t even tell my wife that I had this experience. But then the Lord began to press on me that I needed to share this vision with other people because he wants other people to see how he sees them. He doesn’t see you for past mistakes, failures or whatever. He sees what you are created to be. He sees you as if you’ve already reached your destiny and accomplished your purpose for the Kingdom on Earth. That’s how he sees you right now. Right now he’s seeing you as someone who has already completed that and he wants you to understand that.


SID: Wait. If that’s true, my experience and I know your experience is, most people go their whole life and they say, well I’m not in the Bible ministry. I’m just supposed to be a parent, a spouse, make money and die. But you maintain that God has his fingerprint that is so unique, a destiny so unique. Why is it most people, if you ask them, do you really know your purpose, do you really know your destiny, and they’re honest, they usually say no?


JAMES: That’s been my experience. And I think that’s why the Lord wants to activate this in people right now, is we have been, unfortunately, we’ve been taught in the church that for a long time, didn’t see the possibilities, but they kind of focused on limitations. And a lot of things were taught that just really aren’t biblical. They’re not in accordance with what God intends for us, and as a result, many of us are filled with self-doubt. Some of us are into self-condemnation and we just can’t see or grasp how far the Lord wants us to go or how high he wants to elevate us to his anointing. But in this season, because we’re in these last days and because it’s a time for the End Time harvest, I believe, that everybody who is a believer and is spirit-filled needs to be activated to accomplish their purpose for the Kingdom. God chose you to live in this generation for his purpose.


SID: And I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t want to live in any other generation. This is the generation of the wrap-up. Why would you want to live in any other generation than this? And everyone counts. Everyone must fulfill their destiny. And according to James and according to the Bible, God wants to activate your spiritual senses, your sealed gifting, and I want to find some practical ways on how you can do it. Be right back.

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Our Guest LaDonna Taylor

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Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. When my guest plays the violin, miracles happen. But she told me just before the show started she was weeping. And she said, “Sid, I remember when I was dying in a hospital and the presence of God came into my room and I was miraculously healed.” And that same presence of God is in this studio today. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen when she plays her violin. We did a television show with LaDonna Taylor when she had a great miracle. She was dying in a hospital. And as I was walking by to start the show you were weeping and told me about that same Glory that’s here. Describe to me what you felt.


LADONNA: I remembered how desperate I was in the hospital bed and how healthy I am now, and the contrast is just absolutely amazing. The sweet presence of God moved in that hospital room and I remember the day that It’s Supernatural came on, and I was laying in that bed watching, and that I picked my destiny back up.


SID: And when did you realize miracles go along with violin?


LADONNA: The very first time I played my violin in church I was 12 years old and they were taking the offering up. It wasn’t even very special. Oh look, the little girl is going to play the violin. It wasn’t even that. They were taking the offering up and the organist got quiet and my violin was, I’m standing there in front of a microphone. When it was over I prayed in the garden. And when it was over a lady came up to me, and she said, “I had a horrible headache and I’ve been having horrible headaches, but when you played your violin they’re gone.” She said, “I got healed.”


SID: And this has been happening ever since.


LADONNA: Ever since. Just a few weeks ago, a lady was healed. She had been depressed for 35 years. She said she felt it leave through her feet. Two weeks ago I was in South Texas and I had some people raise their hands when I finished playing. “Who was healed of pain?” And this woman raised her hand, and I said, “What kind of pain was it and how long was it?” And she it’s been three years. She said, but the pain was in her heart, “I was broken-hearted and hurting so badly.” And she said, “I’m healed. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”


SID: Tell me about that red violin. I mean, did you go all over town looking for a red violin to buy it?


LADONNA: I was looking for a gold violin. I was at an auction with over 500 instruments. I was looking for the auction making notes on the auction paper and I just casually glanced at this one, and my hand just reached toward it, and I passed over it. But when I started to pass over it and put my attention on another instrument, I heard the Lord say, “My blood and my fire colors.” And so I turned back around, and I picked it up and turned it over and saw that it’s the same colors of blood and fire. Sid, this violin carries an assignment for this show today.

SID: This violin, not any other violin, this violin that God said had the colors of the blood and the fire, this violin, what is going to happen when you play it, for those at home that watch?


LADONNA: People will be healed. They’ll be delivered. They’ll have peace. Their hope will be restored. Their destiny and dreams will come back to life. That’s just what God does.


SID: Now you told me there is God’s forgotten secret weapon. What is that?


LADONNA: The weapon of the blood of Jesus, the blood of Yeshua. Without his shedding of blood the Gospel would be powerless. There is power in that blood. His life was in that blood. I will not let them forget.


SID: I have recently been studying the power of the blood. But what does pleading the blood mean to you?


LADONNA: I looked up the definition a few weeks ago of “to plead”. My favorite definition, there were many, but my favorite was “to present.” You’re in a situation or I get in a situation, I present the blood. It’s the same as I plead innocent. It’s not begging God, oh please, please, please, God, please help me by the power in your blood. That’s not it. It’s I present the blood. I present the power of the blood. I present all the power in the life of Jesus that was poured out in the blood. I present that to the situation.


SID: It’s almost like it’s a legal term and you’re standing up for your rights. That’s what I hear you saying.


LADONNA: Yes, absolutely, that’s what that is.


SID: Okay. You had a vision when pleading the blood. Tell me about it.


LADONNA: I had just recorded the old hymn, “When I see the Blood” and inside I was singing that old hymn. I was sitting at my desk singing that old hymn as intercession because I had some friends that have a home in California and the wildfires were headed for that home, and they were getting very close. The news was saying the fire was not contained at all, the firemen cannot get control of it and there were mandatory evacuations. And I remember singing that hymn on the inside, and I began to hear angels singing with me. When I heard the angels singing with me I saw the fire stop. I saw it try to reach over a barrier, but it couldn’t. And just in two hours, I got a phone call and actually saw in the news that the fire was under control and it had stopped.


SID: Well you know, I have friends that when they minister, when they speak there is a tangible presence of God we call the Glory. But most believers don’t realize that in this Glory miracles are easy and everyone can get into this Glory. When we come back, LaDonna, I want you to teach us how we can get into the Glory of God where miracles take place. And by the way, someone is being healed in their teeth right now. You’re actually getting fillings. I don’t know if it’s gold or silver, but you’re actually getting fillings in your mouth. Wait until you hear about how you can access the Glory and watch the miracles pour out.

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