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Our Guest Jeremiah Johnson

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SID: Jeremiah, you told me that God told you it’s very important when you meet people to ask God questions about those people. But what if you’re not such a, you have the gift of prophet. Can just anyone do that?


JEREMIAH: Absolutely. You know, Sid, I’ve always taught people that prophecy begins by loving people enough to ask God questions about them. And I believe that prophetic ministry begins with God filling our hearts with the love that he has for people. It’s in Romans 5:5, “He pours out his love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.” And so I believe that anyone that is willing to ask God to fill them with his love for people, it’s out of love. I believe if you don’t have love in your heart you shouldn’t be in prophetic ministry. I believe God wants to fill people’s heart with love and as he fills our hearts with love, just the ministry of the words of knowledge and the wisdom, it just comes naturally out of us.


SID: Now you told me you don’t believe in coincidences. You look at things as divine appointments. Clarify.


JEREMIAH: I’ve had so many encounters where God is growing me up even in my walk with him, where I just don’t believe in coincidences anymore. For example, I often times board planes and maybe my plane ticket is in 16B, and when I get there it’s 1A, and instead of wasting time saying I wonder why I’m in 1A, I immediately being praying, saying, Lord, I know there’s an appointment for someone in 1B. And so there’s an acceleration that comes.


SID: Your faith is, it’s knowing faith that whoever sits in that chair you have something that’s going to dramatically affect and change their life. Tell me about that airplane pilot that you found sitting next to you.


JEREMIAH: I was going to a conference one year in Edmonton, Canada, and had happened to board the plane, and they actually shut the door, and I just fell asleep. And about five minutes later, the door opened up and a man ran onto the plane and sat right next to me. He was all sweating.


SID: But there were a lot of empty seats. Why did he sit next to you?


JEREMIAH: Because I knew God sent him to me. And on that plane ride, the Lord began to give me words of knowledge about this man’s wife and how she was struggling with depression, and how he was lonely. And I began to speak these things out 20,000 feet up in the air, and this man began to weep. He gave his life to Jesus Christ and we prayed. We prayed right there on that airplane for the salvation of that man’s wife and he was baptized in the Holy Spirit while doing it.


SID: What about, tell me one time when you were upgraded and you knew whoever would sit next to you it was a divine appointment. Tell me about when.


JEREMIAH: There was one time when I boarded a plane and I actually sat near the governor of Kansas, and I had actually days before had a dream about the governor of Kansas. It was one of those times when he sat there and I sat there I knew that I was about to be upgraded to a whole other dimension in the Spirit, and so I had an opportunity to minister to him, and it was a powerful encounter. And these things, I believe, Sid, are going to mark the new prophetic generation. This is not just about a prophet. This is about God pouring out his Spirit on all flesh. This is about the mom of seven at the grocery store and the Spirit of God falls upon her, and she prophesies to the cashier. The Holy Spirit, he has no limitations and he’s looking for a generation that wants to connect with him and make his voice known.


SID: However, this will be a different generation than we’ve had in recent years. This will be believers marked by character, amplified.


JEREMIAH: Yes. I believe that God is raising up a generation that’s going to have character that matches anointing. I believe that we’re going to see levels of power in Glory resting upon men and women, but they’re going to have healthy marriages. Their children are going to serve the Lord. I believe that God wants to find people in the earth who have character that can sustain powers of level and Glory for a lifetime. And this is why I believe this generation is going to shake the earth like never before.


SID: You had a very hard word to go see someone that had hurt you very deeply, and you didn’t want to see this person blessed, and you were coming there to bless him. Did you do what God said?


JEREMIAH: I did. I’m always growing in the prophetic. You know, one of the ways that God is teaching is prophecy is not about giving away our opinions. And sometimes what we think God wants to communicate to people is not what he wants to communicate to people. And there was someone in my life that had hurt me and God said, “I want you to release my blessing over their life.” And I said, “O God, please don’t make me do that.” And he said, “I’m upgrading you.” Maybe some of us need an upgrade on getting heart for people even if we don’t have a heart for them. And that’s why I go back to love. Love is so important. Before we begin to step out in faith and minister to people we’ve got to ask God for his love. And as I prophesied blessings over this person that had hurt me, God reconciled our relationship as I humbled myself and he used me.


SID: You said there are people watching right now that God wants to upgrade. But did you get those two things, character and love? Mandatory. Pray right now a prayer for the upgrade of everyone that’s watching or in the studio audience.


JEREMIAH: God, I just release an upgrade of your character and nature. God, we ask, Lord, that you impart your merciful, your nature, your kindness, your compassion. We thank you that you’re a God of discipline because you love us. And God, we pray whatever areas we’re lacking in our lives, would you pour out who you are into this generation. Let us reflect the beauty of Jesus in your name. Amen.


SID: Look, when we come back I want to find out what Jeremiah, who should have died at birth, has to say about what’s coming very soon to various nations. Be right back.

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December 20th, 2017 at 8:04 am

Our Guest Karen Schatzline

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SID: Someone you know, if you said, “It ain’t over” and they said, “Not for me.” What would you say to them?


KAREN: Well I think I would say to you today when the world looks at you and says it’s over, when people say to give up on your children, when people say to give up on your marriage or on your health, when they say it’s over that’s when God steps in and he says, “It’s not over.” He’s just giving you a launching pad for your destiny to launch you into a place of freedom. Because what you go through is a good indication of who you’re called to be. And what you may call a tombstone on earth, God says that’s not a tombstone, it’s just a mile marker of where he’s taking you and the destination he has for you.


SID: I like what you say about scars.


KAREN: Yes. Because I really believe that scars on earth are testimonies in heaven, because no matter what you go through, don’t let the scars that you have keep you hidden and bound, because what we have to realize is that our scars are proof that we have survived, that we didn’t die where the enemy tried to take us out. That when I look in the mirror and I see the scars that the enemy has tried to take me out with, I can say, you know what, that’s where I survived. That’s where God stepped in and took me out.


SID: Karen, explain true bravery to me.


KAREN: Okay. Well bravery for me was something that I thought that I could never attain. I thought it was something that was out of my reach. But true bravery, and what I had to come to realize is, true bravery is not the absence of fear. That’s where most people misunderstand. It’s not the absence of fear. It’s the realization that fear has no hold on you when you reside in the presence of the Almighty God.


SID: There are a lot of people that feel totally rejected and you like to talk about a woman that felt the same way. Tell me about her.


KAREN: Yes. Well there is the woman that I mentioned, the Samaritan woman in the Bible who every day walked this walk of shame to the well. And I find it so amazing that God met her at a well. But what I love is that she was rejected. She was rejected by her community. She was rejected by the people. She was rejected by other women. She was rejected by everyone. But here Jesus was. He showed up at the well with nothing to drink the water with because, here’s why. He wasn’t there for himself. He purposed and set out that day to meet her at the well. He knew there would be a woman coming who was rejected by society. And so many of us, we think we have to earn our way into the presence of God. And God says I’m already there waiting for you. I’m waiting for you in that secret place to meet you. I’m waiting for you, for you just to turn around and see me. So for you that may feel rejected today, that you may feel like that the world has turned their back on you, I want you to know that God would never leave you, never forsake you, never walk out on you. And he’s right there in the midst of whatever you’re going with, and he will never leave you.


SID: Now, that’s what God spoke to you about, his desire for these intentional supernatural encounters.


KAREN: Yes, that’s right.


SID: Dig deep and pray as God directs, right now.


KAREN: Lord, I just pray right now for every viewer, for every person that is watching this show, today I pray that right where they’re at, right where they’re sitting, if they’re at work, if they’re in a car line, if they’re at the grocery store, no matter where they’re at, Lord, I pray that you would touch their life right now. Make yourself real to them. Make yourself known to them. Let them see you. Let them hear your voice and let them feel your all-consuming power and your love surround them. Lord, I pray that right now as they’re sitting there watching, Lord, that whatever they’re walking through, whatever they’re facing, Lord, that they will hear you call their name, that they will hear you say, I’m right here with you, and that they will take you by the hand, and they will walk out a journey to freedom as you bring healing and hope, and fulfillment back into their life.


SID: Three more words: It ain’t over.

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December 12th, 2017 at 4:25 am

Our Guest Kynan Bridges

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SID: You know what is so wonderful, it’s wonderful that you’re in the presence. It’s wonderful you have all these encounters. But when you teach about it, others do. Tell me about the person that heard your teaching and went into a cancer ward.


KYNAN: You know, this is amazing. Every time we teach on the presence, people get activated, people get released, people get reset. They get restored. You know, this is an amazing situation. I was teaching about the presence of God. And there’s a person there hearing the teaching and immediately they catch the revelation. The same day they go into to a cancer ward where a man is dying. He’s on his last leg. The doctors say we can’t do anything to help you. He’s basically on his death bed, a bed of affliction. People have gathered around. This person goes into the ward, lays hands on him and says, “Be healed.” And they walk out of the ward.


SID: Now is this guy Jewish, because he had a lot of chutzpah? That’s a Hebrew word, it means nerve.


KYNAN: No, they weren’t, but they had a Jewish heart. And they went, and literally, the man’s situation turns around. He completely overcomes the cancer, defies all of the diagnosis that the doctor gave. That’s the power of God’s presence.


SID: Now, you used to teach that one of the keys is understanding the story in the Bible about the Mount of Transfiguration.


KYNAN: Absolutely. Jesus goes up to the mountain, in the Book of Mark, and he transfigures before them, and he reveals the Glory. Then they see the Glory cloud and they hear the voice from the cloud that says, “This is my son in whom I’m well pleased.” Now, Peter of course, says, “We should build tabernacles here: one for you, one for Moses, one for Elijah.” Jesus comes out of the vision, out of this manifest presence. And they go down to the mountain and there’s a demon waiting on them, a boy afflicted by the devil. Now this is amazing because this is a pattern of the presence for believers. Most people live for the mountain, but Jesus lived from the mountain.


SID: Say that again.


KYNAN: Most believers live for the mountain. In other words, we live for particular encounters. But Jesus lived from the mountain. In other words, because of God’s presence, when he came down from the mountain, he came down with power and authority, and that’s what God wants us to do, not to live for the presence, that’s great, but to live from it.


SID: So, when we have these encounters they’re for a purpose to fulfill our destiny.


KYNAN: Absolutely.


SID: This fellow, when he went in the cancer ward, if he hadn’t caught the vision and the presence of God, he would just pray for someone and that person would have died.


KYNAN: Absolutely. You see, God’s presence changes us. This is so important. It changes every part of our being. That’s why the Bible says Jesus had a transfiguration experience. You know what Sid, that wasn’t for him. That was for the disciples to see because the same word is used in Romans, Chapter 12. It says, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” or be transfigured by the renewing of your mind. God wants to transfigure us so that we can walk in power, we can walk in authority, we can walk in dominion, so that when we come down from the mountain every demon in the valley will tremble.


SID: Okay. The door is closed. You’re children are asleep. You have, tell me, five children?


KYNAN: Five, the number of grace.


SID: You have a congregation, the number of grace. I got that. Okay. The door is closed. It’s late at night, just you. What do you do?


KYNAN: Hallelujah.


SID: How do you worship God?


KYNAN: Thank you, Lord. [singing] This is the air I breathe. This is the air I breathe. Your Holy presence living in me. This is my daily bread. Thank you, Jesus. This is my daily bread. Your very word spoken to me and I, I’m desperate for you, Jesus. [singing in tongues]. [talking] Father, we thank you for your presence. In your presence is fullness of joy. In fact, the presence of God is invading the room right now. There’s someone watching, the Spirit of the Lord is touching you. You’re being healed. You’re being restored. You’re being touched by the power and presence of God. Your life will never be the same again. The Holy Spirit wants to come. He wants to touch you. The presence of God wants to manifest in your life. God is calling you to host the presence and to live a transfigured lifestyle so that you’ll never be the same. Hallelujah.


SID: Okay. You got your marching orders. I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t have work that I have to finish this day, I would be doing what he was just doing. [singing] I love you, Lord. I worship you. I worship you, Yeshua. You are the King of Kings. You are the Lord of Lords. I worship you, O God. I worship you. I hold your hand. I worship you, Lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. [talking] Oh, what a powerful show.

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December 5th, 2017 at 6:35 am

Our Guest Eddie James

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EDDIE: You’re the God of my freedom. You’re my liberty. You’re the one who sets me free. I lift my hands and give you glory. I lift my voice and give you praise. Oh-whoa. Lift your hands and praise the name of Jesus. Lift your hands and praise the name of Jesus. Lift your hands and praise the name of Jesus. He’s worthy. He’s worthy. Lift your hands and praise the name of Jesus. Lift your hands and praise the name of Jesus. Lift your hands and praise the name of Jesus. He’s worthy. He’s worthy. Lift your voice and bless the name of Jesus! Lift your voice and bless the name of Jesus! Lift your voice and bless the name of Jesus! He’s worthy. He’s worthy. Lift your voice and bless the name of Jesus! Lift your voice and bless the name of Jesus! Lift your voice bless the name of Jesus! He’s worthy. Worthy of the praise. Yeah. Worthy of my praises (PIANO PLAYING) He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. I’m free to worship. Free to praise. Free to lift up holy hands and magnify his name. I’m free to worship. Free to praise. Free to lift up holy hands and magnify his name. (PIANO PLAYING) He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. I’m free to worship. Free to praise. Free to lift up holy hands and magnify his name. I’m free to worship. Free to praise. Free to lift up holy hands magnify his name. I’m free to worship. Free to praise. Free to lift up holy hands and magnify his name. I’m free to worship. Free to praise. Free to lift up holy hands magnify his name. Just let a river of worship come out of your spirit. Oh, you are worthy Lord. Ho-oh, hey, yeah. (PIANO PLAYING) Oh Lord you are worthy. (PIANO PLAYING) Prepare. Prepare. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. For the Kingdom is at hand. And I’m coming with power and glory to this land. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Prepare through repentance. Prepare through intercession. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. For the Kingdom is at hand. And I’m coming with power and glory to this land. It’s time to prepare ye the way of the Lord. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. For the Kingdom is at hand. I’m coming with power and glory to this land. Time to prepare ye the way of the Lord. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. I wanna heal you so prepare ye the way of the Lord. I come with breakthrough. Time to prepare ye the way of the Lord. I wanna mend your broken marriage so prepare ye the way of the Lord. I wanna release the revival in your churches so prepare ye the way of the Lord. I wanna move with signs and a wonders, signs and a wonders, signs and a wonders, signs and a wonders, signs and a wonders, signs and a wonders, signs and a wonders. Prepare! Oh, prepare ye the way of the Lord. I want the blind to see so prepare ye the way of the Lord. I want the deaf to hear. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. I want the lame to walk again. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. I wanna put fire in your pastors again. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. I want to reveal my glory, reveal my glory, reveal my glory, reveal my glory, reveal my glory, reveal my glory, reveal my glory. Prepare! I want America to see me again. Hah. I wanna make the dead rise again. I wanna move in your midst. Take over my house again with an awakening and a revival that changes a city and changes a nation again. Do you want me to reveal my glory again? Do you want signs and a wonders that follow the Gospel preached again? Oh, I wanna move in the midst of my people again. Prepare ye the way, prepare ye the way, prepare ye the way, prepare ye the way, prepare ye the way. It’s time to pray prepare ye the way. It’s time to pray prepare ye the way. It’s time to seek my face. Ooo-ooh. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Ooo-ooh. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. I’m coming to your house. Hah! I’m gonna sit in your living room. (prays in tongues) I’m gonna heal your children. I’m gonna break that death decree over our children. Hey as you pray seek my face. I’m coming to your house with power and glory. As you pray seek my face I’m healing your children. I’m healing your children. As you pray see my face. Coming with power. Coming with glory. Get ready for a visitation! Get ready for holy habitation! Get ready for my glory to come. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Gonna visit your businesses with power to get wealth. Prepare ye the way! Contracts and deeds and royalties are gonna be normal in my sanctuary. As you seek me I will pour out my spirit upon thee. Prepare ye the way! There’s move of God. I need you to finance. I need trusted hands with the wealth of the wicked. I need trusted hands that I can pour into. There a generation that needs a breakthrough and I’m raising you up to finance the breakthrough! I’m raising up to finance the breakthrough! I’m raising you up businessman, businesswoman. Get ready for witty inventions. Power encounters in your office. Hah, hah! As you’re at your job sitting at your desk. Downloads from heaven to change a generation! Downloads from heaven to change a generation. Downloads from heaven to change a generation. Do you receive it tonight, do you receive it! Lift your hands and receive the anointing! Receive the breakthrough! Receive the anointing! Receive the breakthrough! Receive the anointing! Receive the breakthrough! Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Ohhh. Prepare ye the way of the Lord.


SID:    That is our job! That is our call! Prepare ye the way of the Lord. There’s a greater purpose than just I wrote a song when I was in college. It was called There Must Be Something More. And the words go like this. Because I work, eat sleep and that’s the way it goes. Because I work, eat sleep and that’s the way it goes. There must, there must, there must, THERE MUST! Be something more! Aren’t you SICK of same old same old?




SID:    There is more! There is more! There is more! Ryan, come here for a second. Ryan travels with me. And yesterday, this morning I think it was, I got a, or yesterday I got an email. Someone called in our ô800ö number and they said I’m a practicing homosexual and I love Jesus. Help! But he said something more. What did he say to you, Ryan?


RYAN: I called him this afternoon and he started crying immediately. And he said I wanna be free and I’ve been watching this show and Sid on the show said, he just turned to the camera and said Stop it! Stop what you’re doing! He goes I knew I had to stop at that moment. And he says I’m struggling but I’m desiring to live free every day. Thank you so much for calling. He felt the love. He just broke down. You know a man in his fifties. Just hungry to be changed!




SID:    There’s some miracles right here tonight. There are miracles, it’s already happening in the Spirit world. You must as well just throw in the towel (laughs) because you can’t fight against the Living God! Those prayers that have been prayed for some of you they’re too strong. As a matter of fact right at this moment, right at this second I want some people to pass from death to life. From hoping there is a God to KNOWING there is a God. From believing you see creation, there’s a Creator, from KNOWING the Creator. From being someone that doesn’t have a clue about what Eddie is doing right now to being someone doing the same thing! It’ll never, I promise you, it’ll never be easier than this moment! NEVER EVER EVER in your entire life. I’m not saying you can’t turn to God but I am saying it’ll never be easier and your parents didn’t raise dummies! Go for the gold! You’ve gone for the nothing. Now go for the gold! I’m reminded of a young girl. Her mother worked for me. Raised in the Church. Out on the streets selling her body. She went as low as a human can go. But her mother never gave up! I would see her on the streets in this small city. How could she do this? No, she knew too much. She knew better. But her mother did not stop praying! Her mother did not give up and I saw this young lady clean and smelling and looking like an angel worshipping God!



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Our Guest Jerame Nelson

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JERAME: And so I remember when the Lord spoke that to me I changed my attitude and all of a sudden my eyes opened up. And I began to see in the spirit. And I’ll tell you want to see in the spirit and the reason why is because when see in the spirit confidence happens. See one of the number one reasons that God wants to open your eyes is so you know Him more. That’s the number 1. But one of the second reasons why is because when you see confidence comes. You know my wife and I, Miranda, she’s not here today, she’s, you know, in Wisconsin getting ready to do a conference tonight. But, we travel all around the world. We’ve been to 37 nations in the last, you know, 5 years and preached the Gospel and some of those countries are some of the darkest places in the world. Indonesia, Africa, India. you know, we’ve gone to places where, where, you know, you’d better bring the Gospel with demonstration of power or you might lose your life. And when I say that I’m serious. And I remember one time we were in India. We were ministering and there was an army that showed up with guns and they’re in the back of the crusade. And I’m thinking, I’m thinking warily Okay, wow, this is not intimidating, you know – And I remember I’m watching this and all of a sudden my spiritual eyes open and I look to the back of the healing campaign and when I look back there and there was a large angel and he actually had the principality of the region in a headlock and he was going like this. And all of a sudden I realize if God is for us who can be against us? Who cares – And you know what happened is that night 5 deaf ears in a row opened and the army left and thousands of people got saved! And you see what happens is when our senses are activated, we can properly align ourselves with what God is doing and what happens is even the natural realm begins to disappear because what happens is He makes His realm so apparent to you that it takes over! See it could have been easy that night to get afraid and not be bold with the Gospel because I could be thrown in prison but it doesn’t matter because Jesus is greater than the enemy. And His, His desire for souls is greater than anything the enemy can, can stop. And you know we’ve had amazing testimonies of, of people that have been activated. I mean I was preaching the same message actually in Peru and, when we were there we had a team with us. We, we were doing mission stuff. And I was preaching to pastors and leaders on activating your spiritual senses. And one of the young guys there had never ever seen angels and he was questioning his heart if it was even real. And as we began to, to pray and as we began to ask God to open people’s spiritual eyes to see, all of a sudden he saw an angel for the first time ever in his life. I mean it became so real to him that, that he was literally shaking right there. And I’m believing that today that there’s going to be encounters like. And, and I believe that you’re one prayer away from activation. And, you know, it’s amazing, some of the greatest miracles that we’ve seen have come because of seeing or hearing God say to do something. And, and this is what I’ll tell you. Intimacy with God and obedience to His voice or His word or what He shows you releases the reality of the kingdom of God. Releases the power of God. I remember, you know, the same exact trip that we were in Scotland where Jesus visited me, I remember one last nights – This is actually a, a different sense. I’m going to, I’m going to switch over. God wants to open up our ears to hear His voice. Who, who, who wants to hear the voice of God?



JERAME: Who wants to hear the sounds of God?




JERAME: because I’ll tell you what. Adam and Eve heard the sound of God walking in the cool of the day. I don’t know what that sounds like. But I want to know. You know, was it woo, woo? Or was it like, you know, King Kong, like thump, poo, thump, poo?




JERAME: Or what would that be like? You see these are kinds of things we got to think about because God wants us to be heavenly minded. He wants us to think about the things of God. Like I, you know Colossians 3 says set your mind and your affections on things above where Christ is seated because that’s where your life is. And you see too many Christians are too earthly minded they’re no heavenly good because they don’t focus on the word of God or the reality of heaven. If you want to see in the spirit one of the greatest keys is this. Read Revelations 4 and 5 over and over again. Read it over and over again. Continuously. Read it 50, 60, 70 times, because what happens is that meditation brings revelation and revelation brings manifestation! Who’s ever heard their name called and then turn around no one’s there? Raise your hands. Look at that. That’s like half the crowd. I believe it’s God calling your name. And just, I believe He’s activating your senses of hearing and He’s activating, you know, you into a place of hearing His voice. And I’ll tell you what. If I’m going to minister in the streets, I, I just want to be honest with you, I would rather have that sense of hearing be the sense that God opens up rather than visions or anything else. Because if I get a vision about somebody’s life then I got to interpret it. You know, and I see this, and it’s confusing sometimes. But do I want – the time I want visions is when I’m at home and I’m just hanging out with God, you know, and having encounters with Him and I got time to pray about it. But when I’m with other people I’d, I’d love to just hear the Lord say somebody’s left ankle right now needs to get healed and, you know, you give the word and then they get totally healed. And, and, and I believe that there’s power, you know, in, in the activation these senses and, and that God wants to totally heighten you in, in awareness of His presence. Amen? Who, who in here even as I’m talking you’re starting to get revelation on kind of how you’re geared? See because if you understand that, then that’s the strength of your gift mix but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have the other ones. See, the other ones you just ask God for them. You ask God for them and He gives them to you and, He’ll activate them. You have not because you ask not. Now let’s talk about some of the more unusual ones. Like the sense of smell. That’s kind of unusual, right? But who’s ever smelt a supernatural fragrance? See look, that’s a lot of people in the room. And, and, you know, I remember the first time that I smelled a fragrance. I was actually ministering, in Santa Rosa California. This is about 7, 8 years ago. And back in those days I mean I was like, the way I preached was really simple. It was fire, hell and brimstone. H! I was very passionate. I saw miracles though. I mean we saw tremendous miracles and signs and wonders but there was no love for people. And so I remember prophetically I saw some things that God wanted to deal with in this church. And I had this Elijah message all written up, you know, calling fire down from heaven. And – So I go and I was in my mind I’m thinking it’s going to be a night of repentance and we get there and I remember I stand up and I get in the pulpit and I pull out my Elijah message and when I do that the whole room fills with this fragrance and it was a smell of wine. And I mean it was supernatural. It wasn’t something that, it wasn’t a drunk guy in the back rolling around. I mean this place was filled with the fragrance of wine. And people started getting touched by God and it was very apparent. And I, I said to God, Lord what is going on right now? Like I got this message of fire. And this is what the Lord told me. He said Jerame, He said: You think that the way people get delivered and set free is by you rebuking them. He said that’s not it. I want to have a party. That’s what God told me. He said, I want to, He said the joy of the Lord is people’s strengths. And He gave me the Proverb that talks about how laughter does the body good like medicine. And He said you have the way you think that you should do this service but how about you flow with mine? How many of you know signs and wonders are given for what? Direction? How many of you know that we, we need to understand with every sign given there’s direction given. It’s not just something flippant that God does. And, you know we’d be foolish if we’re trying to get to the heart of, you know, Charlotte and we saw the sign and started hugging the sign. Right? Oh, Charlotte. That’s not Charlotte, that points to Charlotte. What, what do signs and wonders point to?

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